Madonna: ‘Weak’ Trump Is ‘Removing All Our Personal Freedoms’

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Madonna says new album “Madame X” is about exploring her anger at Trump who she claims is “systematically removing all of our freedoms.”

Leftist pop star Madonna, who fled the US after the last election and relocated to socialist Portugal, says her new album “Madame X” is partly about exploring her anger at President Trump who she claims is “systematically removing all of our freedoms.”

In a cringe-worthy interview with The New York Times, the 60-year-old singer explained how she “visualized herself as a freedom fighter traveling the world to spread the gospel of love and anti-discrimination — fighting misogyny, homophobia, racism, guns, the rise of authoritarianism.”

Later on in the interview, Madonna also claims that Trump has a “weak character” that he tries to hide by behaving like an alpha male.

They’re overcompensating for how insecure they feel — a man who is secure with himself, a human who is secure with themselves, doesn’t have to go around bullying people all the time,” she said of alpha males, in reference to Trump.

Madonna told the New York Times that President Trump is deeply insecure and he is “systematically removing all of our personal freedoms.”

Breitbart report: Madonna remains one of the music industry’s most outspoken opponents of Donald Trump, even claiming she moved to Portugal to escape living under his presidency.

I wanted to get out of America for a minute—as you know, this is not America’s finest hour,” she said in an interview with Vogue last year.

The 60-year-old pop star’s most famous anti-Trump statements came during his inauguration, where she declared at a Women’s March that she fantasized about “blowing up the White House.” Madonna later defended her remarks, saying they had been taken “wildly out of context.”

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  1. I don’t agree with her but I’ll give her credit for one thing. She’s the ONLY entertainer that lived up to the vow to leave.

  2. Madonna has one helluva nerve dissecting President Trump’s psyche and personality – last I heard she has zero background as a therapist, psychiatrist or anyone else that MIGHT be qualified to judge another person’s stability and sanity. She also gets him completely wrong. I”ve watched him since 1970s when he first became famous for becoming a billlionaire and doing it honestly. Madonna is nothing to write home about either. Madonna, honey, maybe you need to learn the art of keeping your mouth shut when you have NOTHING of value to say – which in your case would be PERMANENTLY.

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