Mainstream Media Celebrate As Tanks Roll Onto China’s Streets To Slaughter Protestors

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Mainstream media celebrate as tanks roll into streets in China to slaughter protestors

Western mainstream media outlets appeared to celebrate the Chinese Communist Party’s decision to deploy military tanks to the streets of China to slaughter citizens protesting COVID lockdowns.

The appearance of the tanks is a chilling echo of the Tiananmen Square massacre when troops were used to kill protestors.

Footage of the tanks went viral on social media after several days of unprecedented numbers of Chinese citizens took to the streets demanding an end to Communist rule: reports: Hundreds have taken to the streets in eight cities – including Beijing and Shanghai – after the deaths of 10 people in an apartment fire was blamed on Xi Jinping’s draconian zero-Covid lockdown.

China’s vast security apparatus now has swung into action to flood the streets with police and identify those who have been taking part in the demonstrations.

A column of tanks was spotted in the eastern city of Xuzhou, leading to fears they could be heading to put down the protests.

Popular US-based opposition blogger Fang Shimin, who shared the video, asked “are they going to Shanghai?”.

The city has seen large protest following a deadly blaze at an apartment block.

The fire broke out on the 15th floor and rapidly spread to the higher floors in the city of Urumqi.

Furious residents blamed the deaths on the Covid lockdown as they said they were only allowed to leave home for short periods each day and the timing was strictly controlled by authorities.

The protests have seen individual acts of heroism, including one woman who stood still as police surrounded her, then stole her phone before beating her.

She has been dubbed “new Tank Lady” in honour of the unknown “Tank Man”, who blocked the path of Chinese troops following the 1989 massacre.

The Chinese authorities have begun inquiries into some of the people who gathered at weekend protest as police remained out in numbers on the city’s streets.

In one case, a caller identifying as a police officer in the Chinese capital asked a protester to show up at a police station on Tuesday to deliver a written record of their activities on Sunday night.

In another, a student was contacted by their college and asked if they had been in the area where events took place and to provide a written account.

“We are all desperately deleting our chat history,” said one Beijing protester who declined to be identified.

“There are just too many police. Police came to check the ID of one of my friends and then took her away. We don’t know why. A few hours later they released her.”

Chinese authorities regularly warn that “foreign forces” are endangering national security and have accused them for stirring the 2019 pro-democracy Hong Kong protests.

Prominent nationalist bloggers have claimed the protests were fomented by “foreign forces”.

“Blaming it on foreign forces is a standard tactic,” said Alfred Wu, associate professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.

“This is how the party shirks responsibility and rallies people behind it.”


  1. The Rothschild have sent the memo as to what the CCP needs to do, and the CCP will follow their master’s orders.

      • you are the one that is not enlightened. Mao was a Sassoon/Rothschild stooge. they funded and controlled the Chinese communist party from the beginning. before the long march. Mao was a half wit that was obedient and a psychopath, perfect for the job as puppet.

      • How did the soviets get the Jet engine technology that made the Mig 15 a viable fighter, right before the Korean war broke out? where did the jet engine come from? hmmm. I wonder where?

        • It was the Jews who gave the Communists their first atomic bomb . . . Looks like Don Rumsfeld was right with the comment ‘Europe has shifted on its axis’, the wrong side won WW2, and it is becoming clearer with each and every day . . . What has NATO done to defend Europe? Absolutely nothing . . .

          My enemies are not in Moscow, Damascus, Tehran, Riyadh, or in some ethereal Teutonic boogeyman, my enemies are in Washington, Brussels, London, and Tel Aviv.

    • A lot of people are under the false impression that China is a communist country . . . it is an empire with an elective emperor like the old Mongolian khanate. Mandarins and potentates select their emperor, the current dynasty may not be hereditary like North Korea, but they are all ethnic Chinese.

      However, don’t be fooled into thinking we get anything factual from them or from our own historians and media. Their communist party as we call it, is just a façade for the fawning rubes in the Western media.

      The vast majority of Chinese are Buddhists . . . The founder of the Yuan dynasty was Kublai Khan, who ordered all Buddhist temples in China to be led by the Shaolin Temple . . . eight princes during the Ming dynasty converted to Shaolin . . .

      China was primarily a Buddhist nation until the Mao Dynasty . . . Falun Gong is repressed because it is an offshoot of Shaolin Buddhism.

  2. Another entrapment set up to deceive the world. Soon they can steal all of China into their private treasury too.

  3. Don’t the Chinese people here look frighted as they peer into their cell phones? They are more than likely trying to call up Joe Biden and have him send some of his Freedom over to China.

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