Man Who Walked Free After Putting Toddler In Hot Oven, Burns Another Child With Boiling Water

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A Florida man who escaped conviction last year after being accused of putting a 3-year-old girl in a hot oven, has been charged with pouring boiling water on another toddler.

47 year old Terry May, was arrested last Thursday, accused of pouring boiling water on a 3-year-old boy, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

Metro reports: His injuries were spotted by teachers, who reported them to Volusia County Sheriff’s Office. A report said the burn covered half the boy’s back and ‘ran from the very top of his back all the way to the bottom.’ The youngster’s mother reportedly blamed the mark on the boy being pulled across the top of a trampoline.

But the boy himself told deputies a different story, saying: ‘My back hurts. Terry burned me.’ The youngster’s relationship to May has not been outlined.

He is now living with relatives under the supervision of the Florida Department of Children and Families.

May now faces a charge of child abuse causing greater bodily harm, the Miami Herald reported.

He hit the headlines in January 2018 after alleged shoving a three year-old child into an oven and turning it on.

The horrific incident left that girl suffering nasty burns on her foot and ear, with investigators shocked when she told them she’d been put in the oven.

That saw May branded ‘SCUMBAG of the week’ by Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood.

But prosecutors later revealed that they’d been unable to prosecute that case, leaving May free to allegedly abuse another child.


  1. Sounds like Terry May , may do it again so in my world for this type its 2 strikes and your out, put him out of the ball park, hit a home run and take away his oxygen. Now it won’t happen in court but in the general population there is a 100% chance.

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