Maybelline Partners With Fake Woman Dylan Mulvaney For Makeup Ad

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Cosmetic giant Maybelline is facing calls for a boycott after a sponsorship tie with the transgender influencer and biological male Dylan Mulvaney.

Mulvaney reportedly began partnering with Maybelline back in March.

TGP reports: The video starts Mulvaney wearing no makeup with no makeup and wearing a bathrobe. He then begins applying makeup from Maybelline and obscures himself from the camera with his makeup brush.

He reappears with his makeup fully done and ready for a night out.

Fox News reported (edited for correct pronouns on Mulvaney):

The ire of conservative consumers has now focused on makeup brand Maybelline for partnering with biological male Dylan Mulvaney for a recent makeup ad.

To celebrate Mulvaney’s supposed gender transition and to promote Maybelline makeup, the brand collaborated with the TikTok star on a video featuring the fake woman applying several Maybelline products.

The Maybelline ad represented just one of several brand partnerships the transgender influencer and activist has taken on recently, including a highly controversial partnership with Bud Light that sparked major backlash from conservative consumers.

The boycott of the beer company in response to the Mulvaney promotion has resulted in Bud Light’s sales plunging 17%. The biological male also generated outrage for modeling sports bras for Nike.

Now conservatives are looking to protest Maybelline for the same thing. They were not ecstatic about Mulvaney’s latest stunt.

Here are some of the more brutal responses:


  1. Men wore make up for centuries especially in France and a England, and wigs and jewellery Its no big deal and its about time the horrendous image of a soldier with short back and sides and the submissive disciplinarian obedience of the foot soldier was swept away anyway.

        • Blah Blah Blah, Your comments get dumber all the time. I’m surprised you’re not blowing the pope today like you usually do. And learn how to spell you effing moron. It’s “you’re” not “your” I’m convinced you’re a bot, because I try to block you and it doesn’t work. Again, just STFU!

    • And the point is many of these people today claiming to know what a woman feels like, which is nonsense in itself, wouldn’t have those issues in another place in time where they could wear wigs and jewelleries and make ups and be normal men.

      • Well there were different times in the past men wearing silk tights and wigs or fake wood dicks, decolte of women deep down or closed up, those things are not new. Infact they are ancient. But why people do that still, theoretically the payments should be more equal and respect should exist for both a men or a woman. But the change of your gender is not really possible. You can appear but you can’t give birth as a men, or produce semen from a vagina that is made into a penis shape. I don’t like that those claims get mixed, you can identify, but that doesn’t change facts of biology.

  2. Well if you find born males dressing up as women pr even removing their male parts weird. What you say about ftm female to men with hormones the ones that keep their vaginas and have a beard i mean a gay men has sex with a biological woman who looks like a men.. at some point i don’t understand anything anymore. No one knows what they date anymore

    • You wouldn’t have enough common sense since you can’t even identify as one person. Your deceitful so will reap as you sow.

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