Michigan House Member Calls to IMPEACH Tyrannical Gov. Whitmer

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Michigan House member filed to impeach Governor Whitmer

Michigan State Rep. Matt Maddock has vowed to start impeachment proceedings against tyrannical Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Rep. Maddock is finally making a stand against Whitmer, who has repeatedly defied court orders limiting her unconstitutional COVID shutdown powers.

Amid rumors that another Whitmer shutdown is looming and following a bizarre press conference where Whitmer scolded the public, ordering them not to hug on Thanksgiving, Maddock decided enough was enough.

Maddock told the GWP: “Something had to be done. She’s ruining this great state. Small businesses and most dine-in restaurants will be dead by the end of the year. She’s caused the deaths of many vulnerable elderly people who died alone, scared, and pointlessly. This was long overdue.”


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