Microbes: The New Environmental Solution To Chemtrails

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Microbes may offer a glimmer of hope against Chemtrails problem

A geoengineering expert has discovered that microbes – one of the oldest forms of life – may hold the key in defeating the systematic spraying of chemtrails in our skies. 

Microbes are able to consume and neutralize toxins, such as chemtrails, that have been dumped onto the world.

Activistpost.com reports:

As the chemtrail spray proliferates, so will the microbes which feast on it. This may also happen by acts of man. We can produce and disperse beneficial microbes in a concerted effort to remediate our environment. However it happens, the best case scenario is that the spraying be stopped so that beneficial microbes are given a chance to work their magic without being overwhelmed.

Chemtrail activist Allan Buckmann has been working with microbes. He recently wrote a short piece which is presented here:

“I do not profess to be a microbial expert, however in the microbial business for soil, water, and plant production I found out a lot about these little creatures that make up most of our lives, and without them cause deficiencies.

“There are countless microbial species on this planet that fill every niche of the ecosystem. They are known to be present everywhere and within their collective capacity eat everything… including radioactive materials.

“Some are known and used, but most (trillions) are still undiscovered for what they eat, defecate, or exchange. We are most familiar with those that cause disease, or are used for health, or agriculture. Those used for environmental treatments are all known beneficial species.

“The human body carries billions of microbes and most people don’t know it. We have specialists in our armpits (generally a determining factor for body odor), in our glands, eyes, intestines that aid digestion, and in every other area. We have evolved with microbial modifications in our systems and they are an important part of us.

“They are also important for ‘healthy’ soil and agricultural or forestry production and are the difference between high value, colorful, and tasty fruits and vegetables like we can raise in our own gardens with good humus (rich with healthy microbes), and the bland crops grown with artificial chemicals. They are the difference between fertile and infertile soils. Mycorrhiza species were found to stimulate root development and increase nutrient uptake, and that the roots also interacted with other plants for nutrient and genetic exchange. From such studies it was found that combinations of species could enhance overall production and that they work together best in social mixes.

“So, yes I have been promoting the use of microbial products for bio-remediation of soil and plant deficiencies, and discovered that jet clouds and jet exhaust particles falling to the earth, and other particulates do not stop microbial actions as of this date.

“As the past president of Microbe Tech, I became familiar with and had many applications using a line of microbial products formulated by Hugh Muir (deceased) and still manufactured here in the United States, and I still use these products. We have successfully treated soil, water, and plants with great results. This is in spite of any accumulation of metals in the environment so it is possible to counteract the effects of pollution.”

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