Man Claiming To Be Mormon President’s Gay Lover Found Dead In Utah

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Aaron Young, a former personal assistant of Mormon President Thomas S. Manson, has been found dead in his Salt Lake City apartment.

Aaron Young, a former personal assistant of Mormon President Thomas S. Monson, has been found dead in his Salt Lake City apartment after neighbors alerted police that a strange smell was coming from the front door.

According to Salt Lake City police, many clues collected on the scene suggest Aaron Young may have been the victim of an elaborate murder plot.

We were only able to proceed to a preliminary analysis before we spotted a source of radiation on the scene and had to call a decontamination team,” explains a South Salt Lake City police source.

The evidence we have collected so far is insufficient to pronounce a definite conclusion or make any arrests, but the complexity of what we have discovered greatly reduces the number of suspects.

Many sources also claim Nephi Young had dinner in central Salt Lake City with a member of President Monson’s inner circle five days before his body was found.

Aaron Young, a 27-year-old eighth-generation Mormon, attracted a lot of attention in Utah in 2011 when he published I Was The Prophet’s Lover, which was taken off shelves after an official warning from President Monson.

The book, a 348-page memoir detailing Young’s difficult high-school years, his short career as a model in the fashion industry, and his years spent as President Thomas Monson’s close personal aide, provided intimate details about Young’s relationship with the much older president, and claimed “hypocritical and corrupt” senior Mormon leaders live a life of excess and luxury, while instructing ordinary Mormons to live simple lives.

Thomas S. Monson, president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as Mormons, stands accused of conducing an affair with a 28-year-old personal aide.

According to Young, senior Mormon leaders have access to “great swathes of cash” from church bank accounts, and the supposedly unpaid senior leaders use this cash on personal services, real estate, enriching their family, and even, in some cases, “alcohol, gambling, drugs and sex parties.”

The state of Utah is firmly under the control of the Mormon church, with the majority of shopping malls and public spaces owned by church headquarters. As the richest church in the world per capita, Mormon leaders wield considerable financial and social power, including an iron grip over the Salt Lake City Tribune, the city’s longstanding newspaper of record.

We were told we could not, under any circumstances, mention Aaron Young in print, even if he won a gold medal in the slalom or cured cancer,” said a Salt Lake City Tribune source. “LDS church hierarchy controls Utah like the mob controlled New York. You pay them 10%, you obey their laws, as well as their unspoken rules, and they will let you live. You step out of line? You won’t have a job, your career is over, you will be driven out of town, and your own family will probably turn on you.

“This is how much power these guys have.”

The Mormon church has traditionally upheld a strict ban on homosexuality within its ranks, however the official position has softened recently, with LDS leader L. Whitney Clayton announcing in October last year, “I now speak directly to church members who experience same-sex attraction or identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual. We want you to know we love you. You are welcome. We want you to be part of our congregation.

While the official stance of the church in regards to homosexuality may have turned, it appears it was not enough to save the life of Aaron Young, the scourge of Salt Lake City and Mormon HQ.

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