Morocco Foils ISIS Biological Attack

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Morocco foils potential biological attack from ISIS

The Moroccan Interior Ministry have said that they have thwarted a biological attack planned by ISIS militants. 

The successful apprehension of members of a suspected terrorist cell allowed authorities to dismantle the group before they carried out their planned attack.

Some of the seized substances (from the suspects) are classified by international organizations which specialize in health issues as falling within the category of biological weapons dangerous for their capacity to paralyze and destroy the nervous system and cause death,” the ministry confirmed. reports:

The ministry had announced on February 18 that members of the group of 10, which included a French national, had been arrested in different towns.

A few days later, Morocco’s Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations (BCIJ) said six jars of sulfur-containing chemical fertilizer, which releases a fatally toxic gas when heated, had been found during a raid on terrorist hideouts in several towns.

Moroccan security officials say they have dismantled 152 “terrorist cells” since 2002, out of which 31 were linked to Takfiri terrorist outfits in Iraq and neighboring Syria.

According to official data, at least 1,300 Moroccans have joined the Daesh so far. A total 246 of them died in Syria and 40 others in Iraq, but 156 militants returned to Morocco.

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