Nancy Pelosi Stutters & Spasms During Border Speech

Fact checked
Nancy Pelosi suffers multiple convulsions during speech at the southern border

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared to slur her words, suffer multiple spasms and had several brain freezes during a speech about Trump’s proposed border wall on Friday.

Addressing reporters at the southern border, Pelosi struggled through her speech, failing to articulate her message in front of baffled journalists. reports: “I love coming here this wa— week that we observe the birth of our presidents, one in particular, George, uh, our Founding Father and our Founding Mother, George Washington and Martha Washington,” she said.

Never mind Martha Washington’s birthday was in June and not February.

Praising the local congressman, Pelosi said, “We followed his lead on protecting the, what, butterfly…” she said, trailing off and looking for assistance.

“Sanctuary,” someone muttered.

“Sanc— sanctuary,” Pelosi said.

“The knowledge he has of the region being a border, uh— uh, member of Congress,” she said, suffering a brain freeze.

The House Speaker suffered another moment of confusing millions and billions.

“And what that meant was we would have, uh, hundreds of billions— excuse me, hundreds of millions of dollars,” she said.

“We had the opportunity to meet with David Higgin— Higgerson, the field dir— director of field for, uh, the, uh, CPB,” Pelosi said.

The Homeland Security website identifies Higgerson as the “Director, Field Operations.”

And it’s “CBP” as in “Customs and Border Protection,” not “CPB.”

After mispronouncing “detection,” the House Speaker struggled to talk about the Constitution.

“That Constitution begins with the beautiful Preamble to the Constitution, and the very first words at the end of the Pream— the following the Preamble are, Article 1, The Legislative Branch,” Pelosi said.

She suffered a strange brain freeze as she talked about a bill being taken up on Monday. She stopped and looked upward before resuming her remarks as if nothing had happened.

Pelosi seemed short of breath as she talked about her congressional colleagues in attendance, stopping mid-sentence to take a breath and sigh through her speech.

Defending why the U.S. should focus on ports of entry and not remote areas where illegal immigrants flow, she said, “And now it’s more immi— there’s uh, so much more immigration, um, uh, needs here.”

The House Speaker literally as she denounced the wall, saying, “This, this isn’t what their job was b- b- b- b- before.”

The 78-year-old Pelosi, who will turn a year older next month, is second in line to the presidency.


  1. shouldn’t one of her friends be playing these videos to her?…. wouldn’t that be the RIGHT thing to do?.. is it decent to let her continue to humiliate herself in public….. shouldnt somebody take her to a doctor and get old timers disease medication for her ???… Is this an amewhorican thing?… is this how you treat your friends in amewhorica… just let them humiliate themselves in public??….

  2. Time to Boycott Everything from New York & California. From (SNL) to the Oscar’s, Hollywood & BoxOffice to Fruits, Almonds to WallNuts to Wine Country.. Keep your $$$$ Out of those 2 States and lets see the Chickens of Liberalism come home to Roost….

    • I’ve added a boycott of pro sports as they have become the entertainment branch of the Industrial-Military Complex.

  3. Pelosi most likely worships Satan as everything she stands for is evil..This will contribute to her failing mind and health

  4. There needs to be some sort of provision for competency or some kind of age/term limit to keep lowlife scumbags such as this old crone from permanently feeding at the public trough!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. she defently needs checked out medically before she gives to country away or starts a war with what she says why is it she can barely talk properly if it was Trump she would be all over him so get your asses on this

  6. Must have just gotten her Botox injections before. And who said Botox didn’t have any long term side effects?

    Born in 1940, 78 yrs old

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