Mother Kicks Child Out Of Home For Supporting Trump

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In a shocking video, a young boy, no older than 8, is kicked out of home for participating in a mock vote at school. His crime? Voting for Donald Trump.

A shocking video of a mother kicking out her 8-year-old son from the family home for supporting Donald Trump has sparked a police investigation.

A mother kicked her 8-year-old son out of his family house – told never to return – because he supports Donald Trump. The shocking act of child abuse has been captured on film and has prompted police to launch an investigation.

In a cold and calculating manner, the mother tells her son, Elwood, to take his things and leave the house – never to return home.

The child’s clothes have been packed, waiting by the door, as the terrified child is forced to wheel his luggage out, crying as he walks down the street at night, with the mother initially locking the door behind her begging son.

What can only be construed as child abuse and serious neglect against what the mother calls a “Donald Trump lover,” the mother continues to film the heartbreaking, gut wrenching scene in a neighbourhood street, ignoring the pleas of a younger sibling wanting for their older brother.

Glo Stallworth's personal Facebook profile
Facebook profile of mother Glo Stallworth who kicked out her son after he said he supported Donald Trump

A sign, which the child was forced to carry, stated “My mum kicked me out because I voted for Donald Trump.” The child’s name is mentioned in the clip as “Elwood.”

According to reports on Facebook, the mother, Glo Stallworth, has since been arrested by Houston police as they conduct an investigation into the video due to the thousands of complaints received from concerned members of the public.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. This is how the left treats their own children, no wonder they are rioting a democratic elections. Not very tolerant or loving…..

  2. Passive aggressive racism, she needs a visit from social services, only problem is they’ll probably agree with her.

  3. That kiddo is probably better off on the street than living under the rule of his welfare queen mother.

    Hopefully someone adopts him and his siblings and gives them a better life.

  4. Sickening…. for your hatred for a President (that has done MORE for your race than your Nobama god), is GREATER than your love for your own son!!! Disgusting waste of breath!! I hope her son learns to NOT be like her, not kowtows in fear and follows the typical cultural voting…. my heart breaks for him and his poor siblings. :'( #walkaway

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