Mysterious Epidemic Sweeping Through ISIS Territory & Middle East

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ISIS in Syria and Iraq are facing an epidemic of Swine Flu which last raised its head in Britain during the ‘pandemic’ of 2009/2010.

The Islamic jihadists have issued health warnings to citizens under their control, after the virus killed dozens and threatens to wipe out ISIS fighters across Syria and Iraq. The “mysterious epidemic” is sweeping through the Middle East, according to reports.

The Daily Express reports:

A human rights monitor group based in ISIS-ruled territories revealed the outbreak had infected “dozens of civilians in the countryside of Raqqa”, where the terror group has set up its headquarters.

The reported death toll, which rose to “around 20 people” this week, has put the panicked terrorists on edge and prompted a desperate health shut down.

According to watchdog Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently (RIBSS), the epidemic had triggered “panic among civilians” and taken the lives of at least two children so far.ISIS

Barbaric militants have been issuing information leaflets in strongholds urging citizens to wash their hands to avoid contracting the killer virus.

One analyst revealed: “ISIS distributed influenza prevention flyers throughout Raqqa yesterday because of the spreading flu.”ISIS

Swine flu, which turned into a pandemic in Britain between 2009 and 2010, is similar to the common flu, but more severe.

In Britain most cases were mild, but a number of lives were lost. The weak, old, or those with other health complications are particularly vulnerable to complications.

Also known as H1N1, the virus could now debilitate a weakening terror regime.

Daesh recently put out a desperate plea for foreign doctors, including those trained by the NHS, to move to Syria and Iraq.

The Islamists have already been forced to halve the wages of their fighters earlier this year and many living under their rule suffer from “widespread starvation and limited access to healthcare”.

Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) estimate more than 95 per cent of doctors have fled or been killed in most Syrian cities.

The Bashar Al-Assad-led Syrian Government has confirmed 11 fatal cases of swine flu in regime-controlled areas since September, with hundreds more infected.

However, opposition groups have claimed the Government is “covering up” the death toll, insisting the true figure is around 40 deaths.

Nobody is even allowed into the major hospitals in Damascus unless they are wearing a face mask, according to Ahmad Damiriyeh from the health ministry’s division on chronic and contagious diseases.

One mother, Samia, who lives on the Syrian coast in Tartus, said: “If the virus continues to spread at this rate, we will have to leave the country. What we hear from people is scary.”

The virus has spread throughout the Middle Eastern region, with more than 100 people killed towards the end of last year in Iran and Lebanon.

Dr. Anna Farra, infectious diseases specialist at a hospital in Beirut said: “I don’t know about the number of deaths but there is definitely an increase in the number of swine flu cases in the country.”

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