NASA Researcher Releases Video Evidence Showing ISS Being Filmed In A Studio

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NASA researcher shows video proof that ISS is filmed in a studio on Earth

A NASA researcher has released video evidence proving that the International Space Station (ISS) is actually filmed in a studio on earth, and not in space. 

The video vindicates conspiracy theorists who claim that NASA routinely trick the public into thinking that astronauts are floating in space due to lack of gravity.

The researcher says that NASA has created the myth of zero gravity by hanging astronauts from wires inside an earthbound stationary plane.

The video also claims that ‘spacewalks’ are actually filmed inside a huge swimming pool. According to the narrator of the video:

“the ISS is a hoax and all manned space travel is a hoax.”

“Inside (the ISS) there are a couple of zero gravity tricks that they use to fake it.””The first is they have a complete mock-up built inside an airplane.”

“The airplane does a bunch of rise and falls it does an upside parabolic trajectory and that simulates zero gravity.” reports: “The other main way they simulate the zero gravity is with suspension in front of a blue screen and they use that trick for extended periods of time, for longer than 45 seconds segments, but they can’t move around as much, they can’t do the acrobatic flips and rolls in the extended mode.

“So, there is full motion, where they can fully move around, and that is faked in plane, and then there is suspended or extended mode, where they are suspended by wires in front of a blue screen.

“They don’t move around as much, but they can make the scene last a longer amount of time.”

He then claims to have rumbled retired astronaut Chris Hadfield, 58, who was the first Canadian to walk in space and was previously a commander of the ISS, inadvertently showing the clips of his wires on camera.

He said: “In this scene Chris Hadfield bends down in order to adjust something and you can see on the back of his shirt a couple of upticks on either side where you expect wires to come in on either side of that harness in order to support it.

“Of course they have computer graphiced (Sic) out the supporting wires so you can’t actually see them.”

The narrator is not alone.

Like a downgraded moon landings hoax theory, some so-called truth seekers, claim space travel is not possible, and NASA is fooling the world with its daily updates about astronauts’ activities on the space craft.

Yesterday, revealed how Scott C Waring, who has previously relied on NASA live streams filmed from the ISS in a bid to prove aliens exist, appears to be curious about the theory.

In a recent post on his website he flirted with the ISS conspiracy theory.

He wrote: “This video was taken back in 2016, but take a close look at the door and you will see that this hatch on the space station is made of a flimsy plastic or tent-like material.

“The door is not air tight, nor is it a real hatch.

“The maker of the video states that this indicates that the space station is actually not really in space, but all just an elaborate act.

“I’m still looking at it, but just can’t imagine how the hell this hatch is suppose to keep space out and air inside. This is truly bewildering.”

In truth, there is, of course, lots of evidence that the ISS is in space. Its live stream has produced amazing images of the earth, including storms developing and the Northern Lights in spectacular detail.

It is also visible from the earth as it orbits us at certain times.

NASA has filmed several rocket launches that have then gone on to dock with the ISS to restock it with cargo.

It is used by space agencies across the globe, which all deny that it is anywhere but orbiting Earth.


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