NASA Receives Alien Signals From Center Of The Earth

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NASA receives alien signals from the center of the Earth

A NASA insider has claimed that the agency are receiving numerous radio transmissions from the center of the Earth – which some experts believe may originate from an intelligent highly advanced life-form. 

It’s clear that someone or something is communicating with us,” said the NASA source. “And whoever it is has the technology to send signals to the surface through hundreds of miles of soil and rock.

Scientists first detected the signals with the aid of sophisticated satellites, and transmissions have been received at intermittent intervals ever since, the source said.

He said the transmissions are in the form of a complex mathematical code, further convincing scientists that they are in touch with a colony of beings whose intelligence far outstrips ours.

The source at NASA said scientists had little trouble decoding the messages, but he steadfastly refused to disclose their contents.
“I wouldn’t say the transmissions were of a hostile nature, but their contents could be a source of concern and controversy,” he said.

“Since so much depends upon interpretation, I think it’s wise to let the experts wrestle with this one for a while before releasing any information that might unnecessarily alarm the public.”

The source said scientists are frustrated by the fact that they’ve been unable to determine the exact location of the subterranean civilization and that they lack the technology to respond to the beings’ messages.

“Whoever they are, they obviously know far more about us than we know about them,” he said. “For one thing, they have found a way to communicate with us in a regular basis, but we have little or no inkling how to communicate with them in return.”

“And for another, their transmissions have displayed a thorough understanding of life on Earth while we have no idea how intelligent life could form and survive without sunlight or oxygen.”

The source said scientists agree that this is the most startling and important discovery of the century. “We have long thought that space was the final frontier, but now we realize that inside our planet lies uncharted territory that could prove to be far more important to our future.”

How NASA monitors the underground civilization?

Radio waves shooting out from sources deep inside the Earth emerge around the world.
Breaking free of the planet’s surface, the signals head into space. Tracking satellites capture the signals and relay them to NASA.

NASA has decoded them but won’t reveal the contents.


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