Flashback: Nasty Nancy Sashays Around Chinatown, Encouraging Residents To Visit Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

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Nancy Pelosi quietly deletes video of herself in Chinatown in February, downplaying the coronavirus crisis

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was filmed last month walking around Chinatown, where she encouraged members of the public to visit during the beginning stages of the coronavirus outbreak.

In the February 24th video, Pelosi is seen walking around Chinatown in San Fransisco shortly after coronavirus cases had already been confirmed in the US, prompting President Trump to restrict flights from China.

President Trump blasted Pelosi for walking around Chinatown encouraging members of the public to shop and eat there a month after he began locking down the border.

In the video, Pelosi can be heard saying, “We do want to say to people, come to Chinatown. Here we are…and come join us.”

According to the House Speaker, fears of the Coronavirus are “unwarranted in light of the precautions that are being taken here in the United States.”


Update: An earlier version of this story suggested that Nancy Pelosi had deleted the video from her Twitter account. However, upon further review this is unproven. The headline and opening paragraph have been updated to remove references to Speaker Pelosi removing the video.

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