Nellie Ohr Caught Lying to Congress; Potentially Evaded NSA Surveillance

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Nellie Ohr potentially lied to Congress

Fusion GPS contractor Nellie Ohr may have lied to Congress about attempts to evade NSA surveillance via a Ham radio.

Rep. Doug Collins released a transcript of Ohr’s October testimony to the House Judiciary Committee last Thursday. reports: Nellie Ohr, Fusion GPS contractor and wife of twice-demoted DOJ official Bruce Ohr, testified to Congress that she received her Ham radio license “well before” her employment at oppo research firm Fusion GPS — this was a lie.

Although Nellie Ohr’s Ham radio license was publicly available prior to her testimony, the application was obtained through a FOIA request and it confirmed she applied for the license May 23, 2016 and received it the same day.

“How long have you had a Ham radio?” a Congressional aide asked Nellie Ohr.

Nellie Ohr responded, “Well, I bought it shortly after I got my Ham license and I got — yeah, I — I — I am guessing it is 2015, but I don’t remember exactly. It was — you know, in 2014, I was underemployed, and I had some time, and I took a citizens emergency — community response team training….”

“So your obtaining of a radio, and your taking the class, and your sitting for the exam and ultimately passing and receiving the license, it had nothing to do with your employment at Fusion GPS?” a Congressional aide asked Nellie.

“It was well before,” Nellie responded.

Mrs. Ohr’s HAM radio license application dated May 23, 2016 and it was granted the same day per the FOIA doc pictured below:

Nellie Ohr worked for oppo research firm Fusion GPS and funneled information to her husband Bruce Ohr, a high-ranking DOJ official, so he could pass it on to the FBI.

Bruce Ohr worked as a backchannel between the oppo researchers, dossier author Christopher Steele and the FBI.

The FBI terminated Christopher Steele as a ‘confidential human source’ on November 1st, 2016 for communicating with media contacts which is a violation of policy for informants.

Bruce Ohr continued to funnel info from Christopher Steele to the FBI after the former British spy was fired by the bureau.

Bruce Ohr previously testified that in 2016, his wife, Nellie Ohr provided him with another dossier on a memory stick which he gave to the FBI.

Nellie Ohr refused to answer many questions by lawmakers by invoking marital privilege — although she admitted she did a lot of research on Carter Page, she claimed that she didn’t think any of her ‘work’ ended up in the fake Russia dossier.

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  1. Whoa Nellie, hang on there. Was she ‘hamming it up’ with the Russian compound in Maryland that Barry gave 72 hours to ‘pack up and leave’ in late December 2016?

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