New World Order Panics As Millions of French Rise Up Against Vaccine Passports

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New World Order in panic mode as French rise up and reject vaccine passports

Millions of French citizens across cities in France are rising up and rejecting vaccine passports for a fourth week running, leaving the New World Order elites in a state of panic.

On Saturday, Millions of French people in cities including Paris rallied against the implementation of a “vaccine passport” that grants only vaccinated people access to basic functions.

Frenchmen of all colors and creeds railed against Rothschild puppet president Emmanuel Macron and his elite friends across the globe. reports: A protester in France told this reporter: “Don’t worry. We will hold the line until the end. The Ministry of Interior said we were 237,000 protesting today. Sb here who has a contact at the Ministry of Interior reported the real number is… 2.8 M (million). They are in panic.”

The protester then gave advice to Americans as we deal with Coronavirus dystopia ourselves. The protester stated, “Don’t wait for your conservative leaders. They are a joke. They lecture the world on freedom & democracy though your election was stolen, your freedoms are crushed, & your country is sinking. No mainstream politicians in our protests. Do like us: throw them in the garbage, & act.”

Many well-respected members of French society are participating in the protests, including firefighters who galvanized the Freedom protesters in Marseille.

Police seemed militarized and hostile to the protesters, characteristic of French police conduct throughout the Yellow Vest and freedom-oriented protests of recent years.

Similar protests raged in Italy, where protesters burned their vaccine passports (WATCH FOOTAGE FROM ITALY HERE).