New Zealand: PM Jacinda Ardern Self-Isolating After Covid Exposure

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New Zealand PM covid

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced on Saturday that she is self-isolating after coming into close contact with a person infected with the covid.

Are there any truckers around?

Ardern is understood to have been exposed to the covid virus during a flight from the town of Kerikeri to Auckland a week ago on January 22.

According to Breitbart, New Zealand’s Governor-General Cindy Kiro was also on the Jan. 22 flight and has also gone into isolation.

Both women had been in the Northland region to do some filming ahead of New Zealand’s national day, Waitangi Day, on Feb. 6.

“The Prime Minister is asymptomatic and is feeling well,” her office said in a statement. “In line with Ministry of Health advice she will be tested immediately tomorrow and will isolate until Tuesday.”

Health officials listed a dozen flights as exposure events late Saturday, a possible indication that one or more of the flight crew was infected.

Officials said genome sequencing would be completed Sunday and was expected to show the infected person had the omicron variant.


  1. We’re nt they vaccinated? Or didn’t the vax work? Or are all the new variants which seem to pop up every few months going to be needing new vaccines? Or all of the above.

  2. No virus has ever been isolated directly from a sick person . Virology is pseudoscience . Stefan lanka has found the entire genome of sars-cov-2 using yeast instead of a sick human sample . Like Kari mullis said , if you do the pcr right you can find anything in anything

  3. Translation : White Hats have captured Klaus’s prize student, crack-pipe Jacinda who has just a few options as consequence , one being execution .. is it ironic that classmate Trudeau has been tested/exposed and is self isolating at the same time ? Justin wouldn’t meet the ‘ small fringe mobsters’ in Ottawa , risking contaminating the group with one of the “variants” he is carrying. Where’s Dan Andrews ? The sands of time are running low for this lot – Klaus , what’s the end game here?

    • ‘Officials said genome sequencing would be completed Sunday and was expected to show the infected person had the omicron variant.’

      LOL , that’s the outcome they were contracted to $upport :}

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