Witnesses Describe Their Encounter With Tall Beings From Draguignan

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The mysterious 'tall beings' from Draguignan in France

Multiple witnesses have come forward saying they have seen mysterious “tall beings” or “giants” in a place called Draguignan – an area in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, in southeastern France.

After Gabriel Demogue and his girlfriend saw an orange-yellow sphere of light disappear near a peak in this mountainous area, the young man decided to investigate. He and three friends (Georges Macret, Christian Bensa and Alain Lecat) went back in two cars. Georges Macret and Christian Bensa used the car Fiat 128 and Alain Lecat and Gabriel Demogue used the car R8.

Upon reaching the top of the mountain they found nothing and decided to go downhill back home. Suddenly, in the middle of the way back they beging to see a light that emitted a strange noise (like if someone were looking for a dial on the radio) Gabriel begins to feel a burning sensation throughout the body and his friends as well but with less intensity (radiation maybe?).

In addition to the white light, they also saw a red light beneath it, the stones of the road seemed to be jumping allegedly by some kind of radiation. Out of the cars and afraid the boys hided behind a small wall and Alain Lecat behind a bank.

After they saw the red light they saw a being of almost 3 meters in height (10 feet tall) that was a few meters alongside the car the being seemed to be crouching to pick something up and that red light they were seeing at the waist of being trailed off, when the being stopped crouching the light turned on again.

The first appearance of the being. Behind the being is the white glow.

The R8 begins to shake violently, someone or something was moving it and they panicked, opting to flee in terror from the place they hided farther behind some bushes and when they thought that everything calmed down (they no longer saw any lights, no longer they heard anything) they went out to the car to drive and go home.

When Gabriel Demogue grabbed the handle to open the R8 they saw suddenly a ray of bright white light that seemed to come from a considerable height, the group panicked and throwed to the ground, everything became dark again.

When they thought everything calmed again they headed back to the car, one car started quickly but the other one did not but as they were downhill they pushed and tried to turn it on and at the third attempt it started and the R8 car left the scene.

Drawing of the observation site, near the orientation table, showing the position of the R8 before departure.

When they turned on the lights of the other car there were three beings of almost 3 meters in height (10 feet tall) around the car in a threatening pose, one of the guys stuck his head out off the window and cried out if they were good or bad, unanswered. The beings apparently communicated through whistles.

The driver of the car cried out: “Are you good, or are you bad?”.
More information about the place.

Meanwhile in the Fiat car they were not going too well because the boys came to watch two gigantic robotic red legs crossing the road, the car turned off and suddenly came alive, the steering wheel turned on its own and the driver could not do anything.

When the car stopped spinning, they saw throughout the light 3 beings with square helmets having rectangular openings in their eyes, one of them had something like a gas mask that covered part of the eyes.

The appearance of one of the beings according to Alain Lecat.


More pictures of the beings.

At the end they returned to the city, everyone were nervous and decided to tell the police, when they presented themselves to the place they realized that there were several giant footprints in the place, the stones were blown like if a great weight had torn it apart.

Map of the Draguignan area showing the locations of the phenomena experienced by the occupants of the Fiat car.






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