Nick Cave Slams ‘Self-Righteous’ Woke Culture as an Assault on Free Speech

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Nick Cave slams woke culture as an assault on free speech

Music icon Nick Cave has slammed liberal ‘woke’ culture as an assault on free speech, declaring that it’s “self-righteous” and inflicts “suppression of contrary systems of thoughts.”

The singer-songwriter was asked about the issue by a fan.

“I tend to become uncomfortable around all ideologies that brand themselves as ‘the truth’ or ‘the way’,” said Cave.

“This not only includes most religions, but also atheism, radical bi-partisan politics or any system of thought, including ‘woke’ culture, that finds its energy in self-righteous belief and the suppression of contrary systems of thought. Regardless of the virtuous intentions of many woke issues, it is its lack of humility and the paternalistic and doctrinal sureness of its claims that repel me.” reports: He also underscored how the far-left and the far-right’s survival depends on each other.

“Antifa and the Far Right, for example, with their routine street fights, role-playing and dress-ups are participants in a weirdly erotic, violent and mutually self-sustaining marriage, propped up entirely by the blind, inflexible convictions of each other’s belief systems. It is good for nothing, except inflaming their own self-righteousness,” said the musician.

Cave also lamented how the left has completely abandoned the once sacred and cherished virtue of free speech.

“Some of us…are of the generation that believed that free speech was a clear-cut and uncontested virtue, yet within a generation this concept is seen by many as a dog-whistle to the Far Right, and is rapidly being consigned to the Left’s ever-expanding ideological junk pile,” he said.

Cave joins a select group of celebrities who are immune to “cancel culture” for speaking out against ‘wokeness’ because they are too successful or revered to ever be deplatformed.

The most vocal, however, remains Morrissey, who has repeatedly slammed political correctness and progressive hypocrisy, leading recently to one leftist trying to protest his show in Portland.


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