NY State Candidate for Governor Arrested For Filming Police

Fact checked

‘Despite the Supreme Court having ruled that videotaping police is legal and protected by the 1st Amendment, citizens all across the country continue to be arrested, charged, and abused by police for doing so.

Generally speaking, those videotaping and subsequently subjected to police harassment or brutality are activists or otherwise concerned and “average” citizens. However, the police state grows bolder and bolder every day in its attempt to crush dissent and instill the concept that challenging the power of the state will not be allowed, regardless of social standing.

Such is the case with the recent arrest of Randy Credico, a Democratic primary candidate in the New York State Governor’s race who is challenging corrupt New York Governor Cuomo.

Credico was arrested on August 13, 2014 while on his way to a campaign interview.

Credico, while waiting at the Dyckman Street subway stop in New York City, witnessed two plain clothes men aggressively stopping and harassing a man in the tunnel. At first unaware of the fact that the two men were police, Credico whipped out his cellphone camera and began filming.

When the two men, who were actually plainclothes transit police, discovered that they were being filmed, they arrested Credico.’

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