Oakland Mayor Facing 10 Years In Prison For Helping Child Rapists Escape Arrest

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Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf is facing 10 years in prison for obstruction of justice after helping high risk sex offenders avoid arrest.

When liberal Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf warned illegal aliens of an imminent ICE raid, she boasted that she’d have no problem going to jail for her actions. However, now that immigration officers have discovered that she helped child rapists avoid arrest, she is facing 10 years in prison for obstruction of justice in warning criminals of impending federal arrests.

On February 24, Democratic Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf broadcast an announcement on social media, warning illegal aliens that ICE officers were planning a raid, which focused on more than 1,000 migrant offenders in Northern California.

Excusing tipping off the wanted criminals and allowing them to escape, Schaaf alleged that is was her “duty” to thwart the arrests of the targeted foreign nationals, including high risk sex offenders, because they are “vulnerable.”

In a lengthy tweet, Schaaf leaked crucial details of an impending 4-day raid, suggesting that she has a “moral obligation” to protect the “most vulnerable” residents under her jurisdiction. However, after successfully sabotaging the detainment of more than 600 illegal aliens, the bleeding-heart mayor has discovered exactly who her little stunt protected from being taken off the streets.

ICE officials have confirmed that thanks to Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf’s warning, hundreds of violent criminal illegal aliens have evaded deportation, including dangerous child rapists and high-risk sex offenders.

Officials told Fox News that many of the intended targets who escaped are wanted for heinous crimes, including a repeatedly deported Mexican national convicted of a DUI and having sex with a minor, as well as an illegal alien with a sodomy conviction, according to Breitbart.

Subsequently, the Department of Justice has confirmed that they will review Schaaf’s actions, which may be considered attempting to “conceal, harbor, or shield” an illegal alien. Thanks to her tip-off, Schaaf could also face up to 10 years in prison for obstruction of justice in warning criminals of impending federal arrests.

The raid led to the arrest of 232 illegal immigrants in the San Francisco Bay Area, 180 of which ICE said “were either convicted criminals, had been issued a final order of removal and failed to depart the United States, or had been previously removed” from the country and had come back illegally.

The arrests included 115 who “had prior felony convictions for serious or violent offenses, such as child sex crimes, weapons charges and assault, or had past convictions for significant or multiple misdemeanors.”


According to MadWorld News, ICE officers managed to capture over 200 illegal offenders, many of whom held convictions for lewd acts with a minor, sex offenses, murder, aggravated assault, child abuse, battery, domestic violence, false imprisonment, burglary, and hit-and-run.

One such criminal who was fortunately not saved by Schaaf’s tip-off is Armando Nunez-Salgado, a 4-time deported Mexican gang member who has been convicted of assault with a deadly weapon, burglary, hit-and-run causing injury, and evasion of a police officer.

ICE has condemned the mayor’s actions as well as all “sanctuary city” legislation, stating that it prevents their ability to enforce federal laws and protect American citizens.

“Recent legislation has negatively impacted ICE operations in California by nearly eliminating all cooperation and communication with our law enforcement partners in the state by prohibiting local law enforcement from contracting with the federal government to house detainees,” the statement said.

“Ultimately, efforts by local politicians have shielded removable criminal aliens from immigration enforcement and created another magnet for more illegal immigration, all at the expense of the safety and security of the very people it purports to protect,” it said.

Schaaf’s liberal policies have not only protected child rapists, murderers, and violent criminal offenders, they have also endangered the very lives of the citizens she was elected to serve. Like all liberals, Schaaf has sacrificed her own constituents for a foreign special interest group that flouts our values and laws.

Mayor Libby Schaaf is nothing more than a traitor to her country and its people, which has been proven by her repeated efforts to break federal laws in order to illegally serve the interests of criminal foreigners. It’s time she pays for her criminal aiding and abetting, as would be required of any American citizen who protected a wanted offender.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at The People's Voice. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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Baxter Dmitry


  1. If she ever has to go to jail this story might become newsworthy, until then it is just another crime by the govt against the citizens of the US.

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