Omar Trevino Morales El Z-42 Captured By Mexican Authorities

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The leader of the bloody Zetas drug cartel was arrested yesterday by Mexican Security forces.  Omar Trevino Morales was caught by members of the army and the federal police in the northern city of Monterrey in the early hours of Wednesday.

Miguel Angel Treviño Morale
Miguel Angel Treviño Morale_Arrested 2013

He became the leader of the Zetas drug cartel after the arrest of his brother in 2013- Miguel Angel Treviño Morales – described as one of the most bloodthirsty cartel leaders of Mexico.

Omar Treviño Morales is known as El Z-42 and  has a $7 million bounty on his head.

His arrest comes a week after the capture of Servando Gomez-leader of the Knights Templar drug gang.mexico reports:
The Zetas carved a path of brutality, bloodshed and mutilated bodies across northern Mexico
during their turf battles with the rival Gulf cartel.

Among the grimmest incidents pinned on the Zetas are the massacres of dozens of migrant workers,
an arson attack on a Monterrey casino in 2011 that killed 52 and the dumping of 49 decapitated
bodies near the same city in 2012.
Founded by army deserters in the late 1990s, the Zetas initially acted as enforcers for the Gulf
Cartel, based along the border with Texas and one of the oldest organized crime groups in Mexico.
But the group struck out on its own in early 2010, setting off the most violent phase in Mexico’s
drug war.

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