Palace Insider: Kate Middleton’s Cancer Is Psy-Op To Normalize Turbo Cancer Depopulation Event

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The Princess of Wales' Kate Middleton's cancer announcement is one small but important part of a vast and all-consuming psy-op designed to manipulate the masses, according to a World Economic Forum insider who has revealed the dark truth behind the curtain.

The Princess of Wales’ Kate Middleton’s cancer announcement is one small but important part of a vast and all-consuming psy-op designed to manipulate the masses, according to a World Economic Forum insider who has revealed the dark truth behind the curtain.

While mainstream media has been ordered by the elite to ramp up the agenda to gaslight the public and normalize cancer in all its forms as the disastrous consequences of the Covid vaccine play out, the elite are treating the Middleton saga like a Kabuki theatre play, mocking us by wheeling out increasingly ludicrous fake images and videos.

There is just one problem for the elite and their psy-op to traumatize and manipulate the masses into compliance. The people are waking up to their games and we have all the evidence we need to prove that when it comes to the global elite, nothing is as it seems and everything is a lie.

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Trust once lost is hard to regain and unfortunately for the royal family, their self-serving lies have been thoroughly exposed, one after the after.

The Royals have now shared a total of four – yes, four – faked photos with the mainstream media claiming to show Kate Middleton acting normal in public.

You are no doubt familiar with the first couple of faked photos, which went viral around the world when it became obvious they were fake. Even the mainstream media had to stop gaslighting the public and admit that yes, the royal family were lying to us about something.

The third photo, featuring Kate Middleton in a car, was also debunked instantly. There is absolutely no chance this is the Princess of Wales. For starters, the new Kate is at least 10 years younger, without a care in the world – unlike the real Kate who appears to have understood her fate, just like Diana.

How did they choose to follow up this series of shameless lies, amid credible claims that Kate Middleton has suffered the same fate as the last Princess of Wales… that is, death by ritual sacrifice?

The royal family decided to cover their tracks and prove Kate Middleton is alive by releasing a terrible AI video that absolutely nobody in their right mind believes is real.

There are countless giveaways that prove this video is yet another fake media production from the royal family who are desperately attempting to cover up the truth about Middleton.

Pay attention to the background of the video – nothing moves. Not a single petal, leaf, or blade of grass.

Extremely skeptical after the fake Mother’s Day video, and the obviously fake video of Kate shopping with William, investigations ran the cancer announcement video through two different AI detection softwares.

Absolutely no-one with an inquiring mind was surprised that the video was confirmed to be AI.

It turns out the birdsong in the background is on a loop. The nature doesn’t move. The bench she is sitting on appears clearer than she does. And the beautiful Spring day doesn’t look anything like England which is still freezing in March this year.

There is also glitch in her voice towards the end of the video when she says the word “privacy”.

The glitch suggests the video could also be a Deepfake because every little detail is off, including the disappearance of the ring in her left hand at one moment in the video.

The list of anomalies goes on and on and is too long for us to cover extensively in this video. But here’s the kicker.

A video from seven years ago where Kate is seen wearing the exact same clothes and sporting the exact same hair has been found online and its clear this was used as the AI template for the cancer video.


We have more than enough evidence to prove the Kate Middleton cancer video is yet another fake but members of the public who get their news from mainstream media will be easily fooled.

Which raises two questions – what is really going on here, and what are the elite trying to achieve?

According to Princess Diana’s best friend Christine Fitzgerald, the so-called bombshell cancer video is actually an AI creation comprised of old videos of Kate, designed to fool the masses into accepting the elite’s twisted narrative.

In reality, according to Fitzgerald, Kate Middleton was murdered in an Illuminati blood sacrifice to satisfy the elite’s need to offer blood to the beast. AI videos like the cancer video and body doubles for public appearances will be used in future to further manipulate and mock the public.

Why would they go to such extremes to gaslight the public? It’s simple, according to Kate Middleton’s personal lawyer who confirms Christine Fitzgerald’s claims that the Princess of Wales is no longer in the land of the living.

The royal family have been backed into a corner and they are desperately trying to cover up the crime because the public would not accept another suspicious death like the demise of Princess Diana.

As Dodi Al-Fayed, the father of Diana’s boyfriend who also died on that fateful night, the three letter agencies, working on behalf of the elite, did everything to obstruct his investigations.

Some things don’t change.

Fitzgerald also revealed Kate Middleton’s ritual killing had been an open secret in elite circles for years as preparations were underway as part of the global elite’s obsession with signs and symbols.

The Illuminati elite have gone into overdrive normalizing their evil on the world stage, preparing humanity for the next stage of their Luciferian agenda.

Whether they are congregating in Bohemian Grove, the World Economic Forum in Davos, or Britain’s royal palaces, the global elite are the same the world over, and practice the same Luciferian religion.

So what are the elite trying to achieve with this demonic soap opera?

It’s no coincidence that the AI Kate Middleton was given a rare form of cancer to present to the world. The elite are desperate to normalize the phenomenon of turbo cancer as the consequences of the mRNA roll out catch up with the vaccinated masses.

Turbo cancer is set to claim the lives of hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people in the next few years, according to a Pfizer insider who warns that everybody vaccinated with mRNA is a walking, talking time bomb waiting to explode.

Cancer rates are skyrocketing around the world and the mainstream media has been enlisted to convince people this is normal just in time for Pfizer’s upcoming mRNA cancer vaccine to be pushed on the masses.

The sick and twisted ghouls responsible for the massive spike in turbo cancers are now set to reap massive financial benefits by forcing the entire world to get vaccinated against the problem they caused in the first place.

As British Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen explains, the elite are preparing for the turbo cancer epidemic to sweep the world.

Bridgen’s timely warning about skyrocketing cancers deaths as a result of mRNA vaccines comes as Pfizer employees begin blowing the whistle about the scam.

The crimes of the global elite are vast and numerous and most people are not ready to accept the depraved nature of those who rule over them.

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