Replica Of Palmyra’s Temple of Bel Entrance Erected In London

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A replica of a two thousand year old Syrian arch which was destroyed by ISIS in the ancient city of Palmyra, has been erected in London’s Trafalgar Square.

The arch represents the entrance to the Temple of Bel which was founded in AD32. The temple was consecrated to the Mesopotamian god Bel and formed the centre of religious life in Palmyra

The replica was officially unveiled by mayor Boris Johnson on Tuesday afternoon, and will be on display in the UK capital for three days.

Sky news reports:

The 20ft replica arch was carved out of Egyptian marble in Italy earlier this month using thousands of images of the ruins to create 3D mapping, with master craftsmen adding the finishing touches.

Designer Giacomo Massari told Euronews: “We sometimes think about if we were in the position of the Syrian people.

“We would like to have this. Our monuments, as Italians, also are very important for us these kind of monuments and the relation that we have with our place.”

The arch will later be put on display in New York City and will then go to Dubai, and Syria afterwards.

Experts say the latest technology should be able to help resurrect the arch itself which was blown up by IS in October last year.



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