Pastor Attacked By Muslims Issues Message Everybody Should Hear

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A Christian pastor who was attacked with acid by Muslims shouting "Allahu Akbar" has survived the harrowing ordeal and now has an important message to share with the entire world. 

A Christian pastor who was attacked with acid by Muslims shouting “Allahu Akbar” has survived the harrowing ordeal and now has an important message to share with the entire world. 

Umar Mulinde grew up a Muslim in Uganda like so many of his fellow countrymen, however his faith in Islam began to change after listening to a Christian man preaching the word of God.

“After some time of being a Muslim I never expected to be a Christian but one day I had a preacher who was preaching using a bible and a Muslim Quran,” Mulinde said. “I listened to him and I realized that my heart is telling me Christianity is the truth. I have to change.”

While his heart was telling him Christianity, converting is another story. Many of those who turn away from Islam face persecution and even death.

“One night after fearing being persecuted I was sleeping and I had gotten a dream where my hands and my legs were in chains and I was in the midst of fire. I was crying. I saw even some other people who I normally go with in the mosque and we were crying and the hands in the chains and the legs in the chains were tied but in the midst of all of this horrible thing, this fire, like when you are in a swimming pool but this swimming pool was a different one. It was a pool of fire and I was crying. In the midst of crying someone stood outside the fire and told me that Islam is leading you to this torture. Repent, become a Christian. You shall survive.”

The next day, Resurrection Sunday, he converted to Christianity, a decision that put his life in danger.

Fox reports: He has had more than 12 attempts on his life, the last, an acid attack that nearly killed him.

“On the 24th of December, 2011, as I was walking out of my church, the people came and I was going to enter the vehicle and they poured acid and shouted Allah Akbar which means God is great.”

Mulinde was rushed to the hospital in Uganda that was ill equipped to handle the burns he experienced. He was transferred to a hospital in India and then to one in Israel that specialized in burn treatment.

322 Christians are killed because of their faith each month

His story is one that is all too common among Christians around the world. According to Open Doors, 772 forms of violence are committed against Christians every month with 322 Christians being killed because of their faith each month.

Despite his trials and the persecution he has faced, Mulinde said his faith has never wavered, it has only become stronger.

“According to the teachings of Jesus, Jesus said that there will be a time, this is in John 16, he said there is a time, there will be a time where people try to kill you, meaning his followers, and it said when they kill you they will think they’re serving God. So we have people today who are killing Christians and thinking they are serving God. So because of that knowledge, that understanding, even though it’s painful, I don’t doubt what I believe.”

Mulinde now travels the country and the world sharing his testimony and message that we must all live together in peace.

“As Christians respecting Muslims, as Muslims they have to respect Christians and leave each other in peace because we are human being and God is hidden somewhere. So let God judge his people but lets live as citizens and friends and neighbors.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


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      • Garrett, I think he’s already done that. I was impressed with this young man when I read the article. Id be proud to have him as my son. Instead of hating, he just holds to his faith and integrity even tighter. He was a handsome young man, its horrifying this happened to him.

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