Patriot Front Member Arrested by Police Revealed to Be FBI Agent

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Patriot Front member arrested by police turns out to be an FBI agent

At least one ‘Patriot Front’ member arrested on Saturday was an FBI agent pretending to be a far-right nationalist, according to reports.

On Saturday, 31 members of the group were arrested in Idaho on the way to a gay pride protest.

Following the arrests, a local police officer admitted that they knew about the planned protests because the Patriot Front was infiltrated by Deep State operatives. reports: It appears that one of them men arrested was carrying a megaphone marked “FBI.”

Here’s another view of the Patriot Front member and his FBI megaphone.

This was during his arrest in Idaho.

We were able to find these photos and sure enough — They’re real and not doctored.

Alissa Azar originally took the photo of the Patriot Front member with the FBI megaphone.

One TGP reader says the megaphone reads “Abolish FBI.”

We do not know why this Patriot Front member was carrying this megaphone. We look forward to the FBI’s response.

Let’s hope the megaphone is returned to the feds when he’s done. The FBI may need it for their next rally.


  1. The CIA shot the Kennedys and someone, obviously sneaky probably drugged old Joe and sent him loony Rather like LBJ.

  2. One TGP reader says the megaphone reads “Abolish FBI.” Nope, I think it is ABQ for the Albuquerque Field Office a space and a number

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