Gov’t Housing Pedophiles in Fenceless Building Next to Children’s School

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Pedophiles and rapists are set to be housed in an "open prison" that does not even have a fence, right next to a children’s school

Child molesters, rapists and pedophiles are set to be housed in an “open prison” that does not even have a fence, let alone prison guards, right next to a children’s school, because the Prison Service needs to “test” these convicted child sex offenders.

Students at Appleton Thorn Primary School in Cheshire, England will soon start seeing an influx of child molesters and rapists moving in next door as the Ministry of Justice begins relocating sex offenders as part of a new program.

According to a government spokesperson, the Prison Service needs to “test” these men in an open setting and apparently, an elementary school is the proving ground for these tests.

“The ability to test men in open conditions as they approach the end of their sentence is a critical step in this.”

What could possibly go wrong?

Parents of children at Appleton Thorn Primary School are rightly furious about the fact their children are set to be used as test subjects to determine whether convicted pedophiles can be trusted in society.

“Why aren’t these politicians putting the open prison next to their own children’s schools?” one parent asked.  Even Cheshire Police and Crime Commissioner David Keane is infuriated and has called for an urgent meeting to address this incredibly poor decision.

Last week, Keane released the following statement in regard to the move.

“I was made aware of the government’s decision to authorise HMP Thorn Cross to accept category D men convicted of sexual offences by the end of the year yesterday afternoon via a verbal update from the prison. I subsequently received a letter from Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) to inform me of this change.

“I haven’t been consulted regarding this decision; a decision which will have obvious implications for the local community. I have written to the government requesting an urgent meeting to discuss why this prison has been chosen, especially considering its proximity to local housing and with it being situated directly opposite a primary school.

“As the elected representative for the people of Cheshire for criminal justice, this decision causes me serious concern, and I have requested that the Minister responsible comes to Warrington to address local residents and community representatives directly, prior to any further implementation of this decision.”

On top of the fact that the prison full of sex offenders will be located only a few hundred feet from the school, it is also in the middle of a neighborhood.

As ITV reports, the Ministry of Justice explained the move was a result of more convicted sex offenders going to prison under the present government.

A spokesperson from UK’s Prison Service explained in a statement that because there are more sex offenders, they need more room to house them. She then assured the public they had nothing to worry about because the rapists and child molesters will be screened before being relocated next to a school full of vulnerable children.

“Under this Government more sex offenders are being convicted and going to prison, and spending longer there,” the statement read.

The ministry refused to answer questions regarding what would happen to the men if they failed this “test”, or why they must be housed next to a primary school.

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