Pedophiles Encouraged To Purchase Child Robots For Sex

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Pedophiles being encouraged to purchase child sex robots to fulfil their sexual desires

Pedophiles are being encouraged to purchase disturbing child sex robots imported from Japan in order to fulfil their sexual desires.

According to experts, the lifelike child androids are designed for child rapists to have intercourse with, in order to deter them from harming real children. reports: Experts have warned that the compliant robots, built only to service their owners, could encourage objectification, abuse, rape and paedophilia.

Inanimate child sex dolls had already been manufactured and exported from Japan by a self-confessed paedophile, Prof Sharkey revealed.

They were not illegal in the US, but a consignment of the dolls had been seized in Canada, which has strict laws on representing children as sex objects.

Experts have now called for the UK and other countries to ban such child sex robots from being imported.

One sex robot, Roxxxy Gold, made by the US company TrueCompanion, came with a choice of personalities including shy and reserved “Frigid Farrah” and adventurous “Wild Wendy”.

A robot pre-programmed to resist sexual advances was effectively a rape victim, said Prof Sharkey.

“Some say it’s better to rape a robot than a person, but others think it would encourage rape,” he added.

Prof Sharkey wanted to see the government take pre-emptive action to stop paedophile sex robots entering the UK.

“I would say there should be an import ban on those,” he said.


  1. HMMMMMM! Maybe they could send some to parliament, Buckingham, Washington DC. Save some children. Or just give the pedos a fair trial and a fair hanging.

  2. hell, i’m WAY ahead of these guys! i have been raising piglets to sell to pedophiles for a couple YEARS now. they will still squeal, but not to the COPS.

  3. How does a person get a infatuation for an infant? My only explanation is from a true demonic possession .

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