Ron Perlman Says Trump Has Turned America Into a ‘Sh*thole Country’

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Ron Perlman

Actor Ron Perlman claims that President Trump has turned the country into a “shithole” and that Americans are “diseased”.

“Americans under Donald Trump have been banned from entering into Europe,” Perlman said after Americans were barred from entering the European Union because of an uptick in coronavirus cases.

The Sons of Anarchy star then declared the reason was “because we are diseased. Yes my friends, in 3 short years this reality show clown has turned us into a ‘Shithole Country”

Breitbart reports: In an appearance on SiriusXM’s The Dean Obeidallah Show, Perlman described it as “sick and twisted” that a significant part of the population supports President Donald Trump.

“The sick and twisted part of it all is that he’s managed to resonate in a sector of this country,” he said. “It blows my mind that anybody could listen to this guy for one fucking second, Dean, and think that he’s the president of anything.”

The 70-year-old actor also suggested Trump was destined for hell because of his response to the pandemic. “If you go to hell, I don’t know a better way to get there than the way this guy has comported himself during this horrifically tragic event,” Perlman added.

Since the onset of the Trump presidency, Ron Perlman has gained a reputation for his venomous rants against the president and Trump’s supporters, at one point describing the GOP as the party of the Ku Klux Klan.


  1. Who is that moron? Really, I have no idea who he is. Looks like he’s got cave man blood in him.

    • Rothchild Zionist bankers and Wall Street have destroyed America, they now own and control everything, including Trump.

  2. No the democrats and foreign interests have done that to destroy him They dont care who the hurt to get their way into control ,how many people they killed with their bio weapon ,how many jobs they wrecked ,businesses they destroyed or people they terrorised .

  3. Something that has been proven is that all of the anti Trumpers are pedophiles. How many kids have you fucked Ron? Been instructed to bag Trump publicly otherwise your pedophilia will be exposed hey Ron? You’re just like the rest of the pedowood freaks. Fuck off Ron, your movies are shit anyway.

  4. Soon, even people who think like Ron will realize the truth — and they will HOWL in outrage.

  5. Let me guess, he’s missing a film shoot in Europe so he’s thrown his ‘Teddy’ out of pram !

  6. Lol he is one to talk about hell, the stupid baby eating crack head is the same as all Hollywood, they hate christ and pretty much all of then are going to screaming in hell fire. Lol lol a soul less man talking about hell. Oxymoron

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