Pelosi Reads Out Bono Poem That Compares Zelensky To St. Patrick

Fact checked
Pelosi and Bono

Nancy Pelosi celebrated St Patricks day by reading out a poem, about banishing old snakes, during a luncheon at Capitol Hill on 17 March

Pelosi was attending the annual ‘Friends of Ireland lunch’ in Washington DC on Thursday, when she said she had been sent the poem by Irish singer Bono that morning.

The cringe worthy poem compared St Patrick, who drove out the snakes in Ireland, to president Zelensky and the current situation in Ukraine.

According to a tweet from Bono, he has a tradition of sending Nancy Pelosi a limerick every year for the luncheon. “This year the limerick is irregular & not funny at all,” he claimed

The display, not surprisingly, earned widespread mockery on social media.

“Cringe levels not previously thought to be attainable,” one Twitter user wrote


  1. I was born a Murphy, adopted by the Garrick family and married a Donohue. I’m proud of my Irish heritage and Bono does NOT represent the Irish people and certainly Pelosi has no business getting involved in such a tasteless “representation” of the Irish people.

  2. MORT WAR DRUMMING-SS puppets of CBS UK carpet baggers& turn coats even his band left him over his TICCys

  3. Friends of Ireland means friends of the IRA Not the Protestant Irish. It means friend if the Pope like Bonehead. With his Sunday bloody Sunday anti Tsarist propagandas sing by an ignorant uneducated biased brainwashed artist. If he bothered to do the research he wouldn’t have written it, but he only read the Anti Tsarist side of the story and or knew where the money side of the bread would be buttered most likely. And St Pats chased all the snakes out of IrelandSo they say. And planted a tree for the Pope.

  4. CBS`s puppet pay rolls never seem to end as the UK owns them all now.CBS walks over every song and arist in the UsA and owns like 99% of all their art just like the neo nazis that they are

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