Pelosi Supports Biden’s Push For Federal Mask Mandate, Calls Trump ‘Cowardly’ For Not Wearing One

Fact checked

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she agrees with presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden that wearing face masks in public should be mandated at federal level throughout the pandemic.

During NPR’s “All Things Considered” on Friday, Pelosi also called President Donald Trump “cowardly” for chosing not to wear a mask.

Breitbart reports: When asked if she agrees with about Biden making masks mandatory, Pelosi said, “Absolutely. In fact, the reason the CDC hasn’t made it mandatory is because they don’t want to embarrass the president, or insult the president, whatever it is, offend the president. They said they recommend it they didn’t require it.”

She continued, “The president saying this is a hoax, that it magically disappears and not wearing a mask himself as an example to the country, how cowardly is that?”

She added, “I totally agree with Joe Biden. As long as we’re faced with this crisis, masks should be mandatory. It’s not about protecting yourself it’s about protecting others.”


  1. Funny how many pushing the mask ate all Catholics Fauci Pelosi the ” Democrat ” governors with the Italian names or Scottish or Irish usually are Catholics too .All of them in it together And then the others who went to catholic schools or colleges universities round out the rest of the posse wanting everyone micro chipped with Satans mark of the beast .Coincidence? I doubt it .Careful scientific operations more likely to suit an agenda thousands of years old. “Always the same ,always the opposite”

  2. It’s cowardly to NOT wear a mask?

    And bring on the federal mandate.

    It will be fun watching even more people drop the mask.

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