Pence Stabs Trump in the Back: ‘I Would NEVER Overturn an Election for Him’

Fact checked
Pence says he would never overturn the election for Trump

Former Vice President Mike Pence let his mask slip on Friday by declaring that he never intended to and never would overturn an election for President Donald Trump, even if the results were fraudulent.

The admission by Pence comes as numerous individuals in his camp in the White House were outed as Never Trumpers this week. 

On Friday Mike Pence was in Orlando where he told a crowd:

“I heard this week that President Trump said I had the right to ‘overturn the election,’” Pence said, referring to a statement Trump issued on Sunday. “President Trump is wrong. I had no right to overturn the election. The presidency belongs to the American people and the American people alone.” reports: Pence will go to his death bed believing he did the right thing in allowing an election coup steal the 2020 Election.  Of course, this is false.  Pence had every right to challenge the corrupt results in multiple states.  All of honest America knew the 2020 Election was a fraud.

Pence will now go down in history as another Brutus and coward. 


  1. after the donald HUMPs humped his leg and hung him high at high noon.VP was always the REAL president anyway trump is too off his johny walker and threw everyone he knew under the high speed train.VP will be the new GOP run4 office

    • No he knows the people wouldn’t vote for him He was, I’d bet, recommended to trump by his advisors as the bes. VP Because everyone around Trump was against him, almost, in disguise He learned to late but had to play the game or else look foolish and be self destructive to his own image. Its all a stage and everyone actors with very little freedom ever to ad lib. All “trapped in an act not of our own design” as a young starlet Bette Middle said.

  2. Trump = Biden = opposite sides of the same counterfeit coin. Both need to be arrested and tried for the genocide caused by the clot shots.

    We need a conservative ticket of DeSantis/Mike Lindell or others that have the potential to have integrity. Unfortunately, our elections have been compromised and we might not be able to change the situation. Over a year since the 2020 election sham and not single perp has bit the dirt. Fubar.

    When the ballot box fails …….

    • but yet the GOP will select pence again trump was never the real president and pence never called out trump as he was hidden in the wings and good thing he was hidding or DOA by trumpKIN~SS

  3. My God Who for 1 second ever thought old Pounds Shillings and Pence would? He will serve England. There’s a lot of things Trump did that just left me speechless at his apparent naivete.

  4. They are all goons. Pence, Trump, Biden, Clinton, Obama. And anyone who is a member of any club or group, including Tulsi or the new Virginia “commonwealth” governor. All are compromised and cannot withstand vetting under our laws. Right down to the small town mayors and town councilors who may not have banked enough of that covid money to fulfill their personal dreams. I want a full blown audit from top to bottom. I, as an American, will not pay for one dime towards Soros, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Musk, Raytheon, IBM, executive and congressional follies. That debt is entirely on you. The Supreme court holds no water nor no quarter in these fallen United States of America. Our local old lady judge who retired herself a long time ago to make bank on ripping off a tribe and our community of their water just moderated our local elections along with the local newspaper whose daughter is running for Mayor. The election is already invalid and we are a month away.

    • There’s a lot lot more to your situation. There’s so much in fact it would take months to even just tell you. Bottom line though is nothing is what it seems and the whole world has been deceived.

      • X files itself was a rip off of don molder the REAL MOLDER so even your reasoning is NOT WTF it seems

          • legal help in the court room,I grew up in the midwest and I was friends with don molder a UFO hunter in the 1960`s-70`s I told my human traffing fake mother about him and she told thier sister in law leta powell drake-she was thier CBS broadcaster.The world is a fish bowl in the satellite sound scan age with GOD view techs even.I have written 100`s of screen plays TV plays songs and music by forced to.screen actors guild member stun man PA tech stand in and screen writers guild also.My real father was howard hughes and mother was jean peters but I was trafficed to CBS FOX reality show family by my mother and used as bait to lure howard to his murdered off genicide.I was forced bred at age four and by age nine I had over 36 kids,At 18 I gave sperm to a jewish doctor and I have kids all over the hollywood industry.They geniced the real hughe`s and replaced us with puppet hughes`s DNA would prove this.I pinned concepts and treatments and concepted music groups even,All my inventions were also lifted howard had over 20000 inventions which are also being ripped off at HHMI worth tillions.I`am a walking dead man since age six head full of bullets and body full of attempted murder wounds.I was a make a wish child due to die by age 14.COVER UPs mean murders.I can`t work more than a few hours as I have too many wounds which makes me about bed ridden sometimes it passes.One of my hidden son`s was murded here in palm beach and HHMI has ripped off even my sperm in 1979 I can name every name place time and so on and have written free green and online for over 30`s about all that.The system is warped in howard time 30% controlled 70% of all american wealth today less than 1% controls over 90%,HHMI is a dark prgram worth trillion upon trillions in patent rght royuitys used to warp the system to the now only 1%

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      • They have licenced Cannibalism too You can find the articles on this site from about maybe5- 7 years ago. IN California But I know that even here back in the 1970 s Cannibalism was going on right in the capital city here.

    • there is no law only a two class two party system of the downed underclass and the over LARD~SS^^^%%%

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