Riot Police Clash With Protesters In France

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Riot Police Clash With Protesters In France

French riot police clashed with protesters who were demonstrating against the governments controversial labor reforms

The rallies have been taking place since the end of March, with hundreds of thousands taking to streets all over France.

The protest turned violent on Saturday when riot police used tear gas to disperse the protesters who were building barricades, setting rubbish bins on fire and dismantling CCTV cameras on the streets in Rennes in Western France

Press TV reports:

Protesters were denouncing the Socialist government for what they see as iron fist tactics from law enforcement to quell protest demonstrations.

Over the past few weeks, police have clashed with protesters opposing a government-planned unpopular labor law in most major cities in France.

The French government has resorted to the constitution’s Article 49.3, allowing the ruling Socialists to bypass parliamentary approval and push the controversial labor reform bill through.

The French government says the proposed labor reforms are aimed at curbing the country’s unemployment rate, which President Francois Hollande is trying to lower to below 10 percent.

Protesters and workers’ unions, however, say the government wants to make it easier and less costly for employers to lay off workers.

If the proposed law goes into effect with full force, the 35-hour work week could be extended to 46 hours and companies could reduce employees’ salaries, among other effects.

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