People Offered Chance To Be Brought Back To Life After Freezing Their Corpses For $150K

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no guarantee or refunds available

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An Australian company is offering, those who can afford it, an opportunity to have their dead bodies preserved and then revived in the future…….as long as the technology involved works!

Amyone who wants to have their body frozen in the hope of it being restored to life at some point in the future would have to pay about $150,000 for the privilage.

The corpses of the participants would be encased in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of about minus 196 degrees Celsius, to be preserved until medical technology becomes advanced enough to revive them.

The Daily Mail reports: Their bodies will be submerged head first, feet up so the brain has the best chance of survival if the chamber happens to leak.

The not-for-profit organisation already has 40 spaces – with most reserved for its founders – to be filled in stage one of their project, but plans to add 600 more spots once additional warehouses are built. 

Cryonics is the practice of preserving human bodies in extremely cold temperatures inside chambers – with the expectation medical technology in the future will be able to bring them back to life. 

It promotes the idea that death is a gradual process and can be reversed if a dead body is frozen quickly enough.

As soon as certain medical advancements are made in the future, participants may be able to be resuscitated, insists the Southern Cryonics website. 

It hopes future medical technology will be able to repair the accumulated damage of ageing and disease at molecular level and restore the patient to health. 

Yet there are no guarantees or refunds for those wishing to take the chance of extending their life with this project. 

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