Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter: “J6 Prisoners Are Innocent – They Were Framed”

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Nancy Pelosi's daughter admits J6 was an inside job - and the defendants are innocent

Nancy Pelosi’s daughter Alexandra Pelosi has been caught on camera admitting that the January 6 prisoners are being framed by Democratic operatives as part of an agenda to weaken support of President Donald Trump.

In October 2022, CNN released never-before-seen footage of Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell inside the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 — the two senior politicians who refused to call in the National Guard prior to that day and during the rioting. reports: The footage was filmed by Nancy’s daughter Alexandra. Nancy’s son-in-law was outside during the protests filming the “insurrection.”

Nancy had a camera crew at the US Capitol as if she knew it was going to be a historic day.  It was quite the coincidence.

As it turned out, January 6 was a historic day.  It was also well-planned and staged.

Now there is never before released video of Nancy Pelosi’s daughter admitting to a January 6 defendant that the insurrection narrative was nonsense and that Washington DC is too biased to hold fair trials for Trump supporters.

In the video below, Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, Alexandra Pelosi, is meeting with a January 6 defendant she wanted desperately to be in her sham documentary.   It is a meeting with this same J6 defendant and his attorney.  Alexandra Pelosi asked the defendant numerous times to participate.  He politely declined.

The Gateway Pundit reached out to the January 6 defendant in this video to confirm the details in the recording.

Alexandra Pelosi agreed to be recorded by the defendant.

In this video, Alexandra Pelosi is on camera saying many very shocking things.  She mocks the idea that January 6th was an insurrection and admits that DC is too biased to hold fair trials and that many J6ers would be found not guilty if their cases were handled anywhere else in the country, and much more.

This video has not yet been made public. This is an exclusive video for The Gateway Pundit audience.

From our source:  “I did a lot of due diligence making sure that the defendant who shot this video had permission to do so.  I spoke with his attorney who provided me documentation that Alexandra agreed to be filmed if they met.  I wanted to bring this to you before anybody else if you’re interested in featuring it. Nancy Pelosi has contributed to destroying countless lives with her “insurrection” narrative and sham committee – And here is her daughter on camera saying it’s all a crock.”

Here are some of the key moments in the video where Alexandra makes some particularly audacious comments.

Key moments:

2:43: Pelosi: “The Shaman did noth(ing)… What did the Shaman do? He stood there.”

4:24: “After the Democrats lose the house, then they get rid of the committee, people may lose I think interest… no one is going to care after the democrats are out of power. And you take Biden out of office- then who cares!?”

4:50: “DC is a lot of people who work for the government. I don’t think they’re sympathetic. If you got it moved (changed trial jurisdiction from DC) you’d totally get off” (laughs while saying this)

6:50: “If there was an insurrection… you were supposed to have a plan!” “It was the sorriest insurrection in history”

8:11: “You’re going to be able to laugh about this one day”

14:53:  Pelosi talks about her friendship with Gavin McInnes and laughs at the notion that Proud Boys are white supremacists.

Here is the video.


  1. As for Pelosi’s daughter, she has zero business entering politics. From California, her mother helped to ruin my home state. Its now filled with foreigners, can’t supply its own water needs due to overpopulation, is far too expensive when adjusted for cost of living, polluted at saturation levels, and has a infrastructure in marked decline. Then there is the fact, that Sacramento has removed too many core individual freedoms and constitutional rights of citizens – while foreigners have obliterated its post Civil War culture. The once Golden State, is now a tarnished shade of Golden-Brown.

    • Agree except for the part that we’re overpopulated. Not true for CA & the rest of the world. Land has just been kept unavailable for us to have to live on. All by design of the NWO cabal.

      • That’s not correct, the bulk of the geography can not support humans. In military geography classes, I focused on the Middle East where others were assigned other continents. There just isn’t enough to go around.

        • WRONG. Stop spreading cabal lies. Research & watch videos to see how much land is available all over the earth. You are either deceived or a deceiver. I’m done w you.

          • The real question is, this. Back in 1914 – it was said to have the worlds optimal population. That optimal population was 1.2 to 1.5 billion people. IF we look back to the years of 1914, there is one thing nobody was hoping for or talking about. Nobody back them ever wished there was 7 billion additional people. Like today, if given the chance most all people would like to own their very own property and have more space between them an other people.
            As for being done with me, huh. Looks like you do need your space but refuse to admit it until just now.

      • You are promoting a false proposition of the NWO taking over. Those who take over, have the warships, attack aircraft and armies.

  2. She set it up as a trihan horse event. I just don’t know if Donald played along and that’s why he took off. It doesn’t make sense that he as the leader wasn’t at the forefront of that protest. I can imagine George Washington leading the protestor to the Congress building and addressing the occupants and the mefia with a very well prepared speech.
    “Nothing is what it seems”
    “never trust anyone”
    Only God’s Word. And remember the mortal mind of man will never comprehend the immortal mind of God. Follow the COMMANDments.
    Thou Shall not Kill. And it does not say humans. Thou Shall not kill. Full stop.

    • And another idiot weighs in with idiotic connedspiracy. Why can’t you stupid fools realize that a) Trump was and still is a coward; b) He threw all you ignorant followers to the wolves; c) He does this to everyone when things go south for him. Trump was and still is a traitor to his country, that is so plainly obvious now that only the willfully stupid try to pretend it is not true.

  3. The only criminals at J6 were the FBI, CIA & the rest of the cabal cronies. It was a staged set-up. And PDJT told everyone present to peacefully go home. He did not incite anything.

  4. What a sick joke this stupid website it. Insurrectionists going to prison (GOOD), Babbit dead (GOOD), NEWSPUNCH still spreading lies (BAD), Gateway Pundit (Absolute CRAP as “news source”). Nobody cares what “Pelosi’s daughter” thinks, it’s utterly irrelevant to reality (just like this website).

  5. These people are pure evil and are loose on the Earth. Perhaps satan isn’t one entity, but a huge populace of demonic type creatures. Unbelievable

    How does God not destroy mankind and clean the universe of this infection?

  6. lol of course it was staged. govt loves distractions. especially ones that drag on for years of fodder by the msm. forget it. ignore it. the past is gone.

  7. “After the Democrats lose the House…”
    Notice that? Not if — when. And no mention of the Senate.
    Why, it’s as if she already knows how the next election will turn out.

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