Pfizer Makes $43 Billion Bet That ‘Turbo Cancers’ Are Going To Explode Around The World

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Pfizer has stunned the medical world, completing the $43 billion acquisition of Seagen, a small drug company that treats turbo cancers and barely makes $2 billion per year.

The acquisition means Pfizer becomes the largest oncology company in the world, capable of treating most turbo cancers caused by mRNA vaccines.

However, the nature of the acquisition has left many people scratching their heads. Why would Pfizer, flush with the enormous profits it has reaped through its mRNA vaccine, overpay $43 billion for a small cancer drug company?

Pfizer does not need the cash. It will also issue $31 billion in debt just to purchase Seagen. Everyone is taking this at face value. But there is something very sinister lurking in the details of this deal.

So what is happening here?

First, it must be acknowledged that Pfizer (and Moderna) COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are causing turbo cancers at rates previously unseen in the history of the world.

Based on descriptions of turbo cancer cases in over 30 medical articles, here are the Top 5 turbo cancers we are seeing by numbers in those vaccinated with at least one mRNA shot:

Lymphoma (various types)
Brain Cancers (mostly glioblastoma)
Breast Cancer (mostly triple negative, Stage 3/4)
Colon Cancer (Stage 4)
Lung Cancer (Stage 4)

Rounding out the Top 10 turbo cancers by the number of people affected (in no particular order):

Leukemias (worst prognosis)
Melanomas (Stage 4)
Sarcomas (Stage 3,4)
Testicular/ovarian (rapid progression, Stage 1-4)
Kidney (RCC Stage 4)

Pfizer’s new acquisition takes them from being able to “treat” two of these turbo cancers, to being able to treat seven out of 10. Not bad for a company looking to corner the market in treating the same problems it is causing.

But it gets even worse. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla did a media interview tour about the $43 billion Seagen acquisition. Here are the key takeaways from his interviews:

– 33% of people WILL get turbo cancer in the future (of this he is certain)
– Entire families WILL be affected (again, he is certain)
– The new cancer treatments are like “missiles” that will target “most” turbo cancers
– By 2025 Pfizer will “have a global network”
– “We have very quick way of completing clinical trials”
– Will be produced “AT SCALE”, “just like mRNA”

Think about what Bourla is telegraphing with this information. Why would any company need to produce cancer treatments at a scale never before seen? Why would Pfizer, of all companies, be willing to bet tens of billions of dollars on turbo cancer continuing to explode at exponential rates around the world in coming years?

Seeking Alpha analysis theorizes it is going to take Pfizer at least a decade just to break even from this deal. Financially, this $43 billion acquisition makes no sense for Pfizer.

Unless Bourla and his cronies know something about the future they are not telling us.

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