Pfizer Sues Poland For Not ‘Force Vaccinating’ Enough of the Population

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Big Pharma giant Pfizer has launched a lawsuit against the Republic of Poland over an alleged breach of its COVID-19 vaccine contract, demanding a payment of PLN 6 billion (USD 1.37 billion) for not force vaccinating enough of the population against their will.

The litigation revolves around 60 million vaccines that Poland, despite a binding agreement, neither collected nor paid for when it became apparent the Polish population did not want to be vaccinated.

The lawsuit has been lodged in Brussels, reflecting the jurisdiction of the agreement signed by the European Commission. The first hearing is scheduled for December 6, 2023.

The Polish Health Minister, Katarzyna Sojka, when queried about the potential of avoiding the Pfizer lawsuit and reaching a compromise with the Big Pharma giant, said that the lawsuit “seems to be on” but clarified the Polish government will not pay Pfizer for vaccines the Polish people chose to reject.

The Minister also pointed out that other states in the EU face a similar predicament, suggesting a collective issue.

Health Minister Katarzyna Sojka says Poland will refuse to pay Pfizer for vaccines the Polish people chose to reject

BNN report:

In response to why Poland failed to fulfill the agreement, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki cited ‘force majeure,’ arguing that the outcome was out of the government’s hands.

Following a round of unsuccessful negotiations, Pfizer resorted to legal action, submitting the lawsuit in Brussels and demanding compensation from the Polish government to the tune of billions of dollars.

The issue will now fall to the new government, likely to be headed by Donald Tusk. The case’s outcome could have significant implications for international vaccine contracts and the invocation of force majeure in such arrangements.

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