Polish TV Airs Clinton Cash Documentary

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Clinton Cash

Poland’s largest TV network TVP1 has aired the Clinton Cash documentary, which shows the rags to riches story of the Clintons and the financial “ambiguities” surrounding their foundation and campaign.

Hillary Clinton’s tenure as US Secretary of State served her well financially later on in life.

Breibart reports:

The Polish state broadcaster, and equivalent of the BBC, TVP1 aired the Clinton Cash documentary just before midnight on the 3rd of November as part of its documentary series “The Document Before Midnight,” reports WPROST.

The broadcast, mere days before the U.S. presidential election, comes after a heated row over the shift of Poland toward a right-wing populist government that some, including former president Bill Clinton, see as “undemocratic.”

Clinton Cash, based on the bestselling book by Peter Schweizer, is a look into the dark underbelly of the Clinton machine, the Clinton Foundation, and its often shrouded finances. It shows not only the Clintons’ dealings with Saudi Arabia and African dictatorships but also, to the concern of the Poles, reports that the Clintons took money from Russian oligarchs and banks associated with the Kremlin for access to minerals needed to create nuclear weapons.

The documentary was previously shown at the largest theatre in Warsaw in July and billboards advertising Clinton Cash greeted members of NATO at the Chopin Airport as a major NATO conference coincided with the debut of the film.

One of the reasons for the popularity of the film, and perhaps why TVP1 acquired the rights to it, has been the shift in Poland toward a more right wing and nationally confident government. Many critics of the Poles and the ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) have called their actions undemocratic, though many, including Breitbart News contributor Matthew Tyrmand, argue that Poland’s democracy is in excellent health.

One notable critic of Poland has been former U.S. President Bill Clinton who upset Poland and Hungary when he said that both NATO members wanted to live in an “authoritarian dictatorship” and accused them of thinking “democracy was too much trouble”.

The allegations were met with scorn from Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán who accused Clinton of being puppeteered by left-wing billionaire George Soros saying: “Although the mouth belongs to Clinton, the voice belongs to George Soros.”

Some have even accused Soros, who has had notable links to the Ukrainian protests and the Black Lives Matter movement, of attempting to subvert the new Polish government via his Open Society Foundations.

Leader of PiS Jaroslaw Kaczynski even claimed that Clinton should take a “medical test” if he didn’t believe there was democracy in Poland. Members of the Polish diaspora in the United States also expressed their anger toward the Clintons in Hillary’s hometown of Park Ridge, Illinois, chanting “no more Clintons!” and advocating their support for Polish democracy.

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