Posh Toy Company Slammed For Making Teddies With Real Fur

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A luxury toy manufacturer in France has sparked outrage among animal rights groups for selling teddy bears and other soft toys made out of real animal fur and leather.

The company which uses real rabbit, mink, coypu fur and crocodile leather have been slammed as “dead animals for kids,” and an online campaigns have been launched to stop the practice.

RT reports:

The luxurious soft toy manufacturer “Histoire de Bêtes” says it makes its toys “with love,” as each toy is manufactured with “extra soul and softness.”

There is, however, more to the product, according to this advertisement of a teddy bear on the company’s website:  “Bear with natural fur (Silky Rex Rabbit) 40 cm… leather nose, natural wool interior…”

The toy is not exactly cheap, as it sells for €1,800 ($1,900), while a baby bunny with coypu fur costs €860 ($900), and another teddy bear with mink fur goes for €900 ($950). Some toys are even made with crocodile leather for their noses.

People on social media slammed the company, saying the practice is disgraceful, and called for a boycott on Histoire de Bêtes.

“Killing animals to make toys? It goes beyond understanding,” one person wrote, while another added: “Offering dead animals to children! Shame on you!”

“Killing animals to make cuddly toys! What horror,” exclaimed one person on Twitter.

“Horror, cruelty and contempt of animals. All made in France,” another person wrote.

Numerous petitions have been launched since December, calling on the company to stop using animal fur. A petition on mesopinions.com has gathered more than 32,000 signatures. 

Another on change.org has gathered more than 12,000 signatures so far. 


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  1. I don’t honestly see a problem. We have bigger forces working against us than small vermin being killed and given to children who will love and cherish them. They are good toys and good value. But as I say, we need to concentrate on the real problems facing us…news bulletin I 8 hours on a c if they allow it to go ahead, keep tuned. L I ve and peace to you all xxx

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