President Obama Publicly Denies Claims Of Election Rigging

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President Barack Obama publicly denies claims of election rigging

President Obama nervously dismissed “conspiracy theories” that the upcoming US presidential elections were going to be rigged. 

Responding to Donald Trump’s accusation earlier this week that “the election’s going to be rigged,” Obama feigned disbelief at the very notion.

“Of course the elections will not be rigged,” Obama told reporters on Thursday. “What does that mean?” reports:

Speaking from the Pentagon after a meeting with his National Security Council, Obama explained that the federal government does not run the election process.

“If Mr. Trump is suggesting that there is a conspiracy theory that is being propagated across the country, including in places like Texas where typically it’s not Democrats who are in charge of voting booths, that’s ridiculous. That doesn’t make any sense and I don’t think anybody would take that seriously,” Obama said.

The president said that this upcoming election “will be an election like every other election” and suggested that Trump “go out there and try to win the election.”

Said Obama: “If Mr. Trump is up 10 or 15 points on election day and ends up losing, then maybe he can raise some questions.”


  1. So does he mean like Bernie was up in the polls in so many places and somehow magically lost to Hillary? Or how Bernie was ahead in the exit polling and lost to Hillary by percentages far outside of the margin of error in more than twenty states? Or does he mean like when Hillary was announced the winner in California after the machine count put her 14% ahead but all of the hand counted votes put Bernie ahead by 2% which matched all the pre-election polling? Is that what he means? Maybe we should ask for an investigation.

  2. Obama has gone from what I considered the best president ever two and a half actually no he is actually one of the worst president’s ever !!!
    I feel bad for him he’s not so tangled in the web of Deceit and deception with Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Pardy Daddy’s lost total control of what’s actually going on with young being unable to determine what’s happening under his own eyes by deception by everyone that he’s an association with I can make a promise that I will never go for another Democrat or Republican in my entire life and I will do nothing but to promote independent voters and the green party because of the lion the cheating the stealing that treason  entire program of both the parties this is such a cluster f every politician involved should be ashamed of themselves their children should be ashamed of them their wives their families their friends what a dirty mess has been

  3. Said Obama: “If Mr. Trump is up 10 or 15 points on election day and ends up losing, then maybe he can raise some questions.”   I guess this means we have a right to believe rigging took place in the DemocraticPrimary. Where is the Justice Department on that one?

  4. I’ve lost respect for Obama.  I know, he’s just talking about Trump’s claims, but he SHOULD deal with the Democratic primary fraud that anointed Hillary before the primaries began.

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