Prince Andrew’s Ex Threatens to Expose Elite Pedophile Network

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Prince Andrew's ex threatens to expose VIP pedophile network

Prince Andrew’s ex-girlfriend has threatened to blow the whistle on an elite pedophile network involving Jeffrey Epstein, the British Royal family, Bill Clinton and others.

43-year-old Lady Victoria Hervey is considering publishing a tell-all memoir about her time with the prince and his depraved friends – something that could threaten hundreds of powerful VIPs implicated in the Jeffrey Epstein child sex scandal.

Lady Hervey recently confirmed that she been the target of Epstein at his New York ‘House of Horrors,’ in an interview with ITV. reports: According to the Sun, there are many details about Epstein’s friendship with Prince Andrew that she has not shared with the public, but is hoping to share in the book. An anonymous source close to Hervey told The Sun that there is “a lot that she has never revealed about the Royal family,” adding that “She’s done many interviews but has always kept many things under her belt.” However, with all of the media attention around the issue and all of the major threatening characters in the drama either dead or on the run, she feels that now is the time to tell everything she knows.

The source indicated that Hervey was recently given a “lucrative offer” from an anonymous book publisher, and that she is strongly considering taking the deal.

Hervey and Prince Andrew dated briefly in 1999, and although a romance was never sparked between the two, she became a trusted part of his inner circle, which is why she came into contact with Epstein and his entourage from time to time. In interviews since Andrew’s disastrous appearance on the BBC, Hervey has still been defensive about the prince’s role in Epstein’s crimes, and has even taken issue with how the young girls who have made the allegations are being portrayed as victims in the media.

Hervey claimed that “these girls were living the high life,” because of the lifestyle that they were given access to. Hervey claimed that “trafficking” is not the proper term to describe what happened to these girls, because they were not held in cages or chains. However, despite her defense of the prince, she still openly admits that many of the accusations against Epstein are true, so this book, if it does get published, will likely have plenty of incriminating evidence about the prince as well. With such an enticing offer on the table for Hervey, chances are slim that she will turn it down.


  1. The word “apocalypse” is misused by almost all…it’s Greek for ‘lifting of the veil’ or something similar. We might be at the beginning, thank goodness. I’m so tired of being scammed, lied to and forced to live under false assumptions created by bogus historical records and with those imprisoned by ‘normalcy bias’.

      • Amen to that! Unfortunately I’ve let it throw my mental health into a tailspin for the last ten years or so. God’s gotta show us something undeniable other than the cryptic stories in the Bible.

        • You can only change what you can change. The rest you have to accept (which doesn’t mean you can’t reject it personally).
          Just see it as a sign that we don’t live in a perfect world. I find reading history books is very cathartic.

        • It happens to all of us my friend, be strong and find strength in Jesus. I very much appreciate your humble demeanor as well! We are entering the tribulation period of the world, and things are not going to get better anytime soon I hate to say. Just remember tho, if you dedicate your life to SERVING Jesus, he will provide you the safety and wisdom to understand, especially the bible. Most Christians are convenience Christians, they look for Jesus when they need him, unfortunately that’s not a born again saved christian. True Christians refute people even when we know they will hate us for it, true Christians spend their own money to help others find the truth, true Christians are hated in this world just like they hated Jesus, true Christians find out Christmas and Easter are pagan fertility holidays and DO NOT CELEBRATE. Becoming a servant of jesus is very different then being Christian. Read deuteronomy 28 king james version. Its very clear that the world is in rebellion to God (gays, trannies, abortion, idol worship, majority of world worships pagan gods, all our holidays are pagan idoltary, etc etc), and the horrible things that are going on are FROM GOD. He uses his servant satan, satan uses his servants Rothschilds, Royal Families, etc. and essentially God is dishing out the punishments he promised us if we turn from his commandments. More babies are aborted annually than people that died during WW2, if it wasn’t for Jesus, fire and brimstone would already be raining from the sky, thanks to Jesus we have a chance to repent and get away from the heathen (tho we still must refute them, because we love our neighbor and dont want them in the lake of fire on judgement day!!!). There will be much deception before God shows us something undeniable, Jesus will return in the sky on the last day, but project bluebeam of the illuminati is already setting up to stage such an event for all world religions, so you will have to test the spirit to know if its true, and unless you know the bible inside and out, it will be tough

      • These lies are not the foundation of Western civilization. If they were, Western civilization wouldn’t be on the chopping block by globalists. Thanks all the same though!

        • Your “globalists” are spawned from “western civilisation”. They emerged during the age of discovery (circa 15th century), and created much of the world we live in now. They took the existing lies and created new lies, and new religious factions, to keep the rabble at each others throats in a game of divide-and-conquer.
          For our “industrial/post-industrial” era, Cecil Rhodes and his acolytes (and their descendants) are probably the prime movers. Creating organisations like the “Round Table”, organising central banking (e.g. the “Federal” Reserve [modelled on the 17th century founded Bank of England]) and shaping politics to serve multi-national corporations that hit their stride in the middle of the 19th century). Their aim is to create a world of “independent” countries, administered by “politicians” who obey global “government” (e.g. the UN, IMF, BIS etc). Carrol Quigley’s “Anglo-American Establishment” is an excellent book on the topic. The “establishment” hate democracy, they hate competition, and are driven by an insatiable greed.
          Your assertion that the lies are not the foundation of Western civilisation does not stand-up to scrutiny. We live in a world of lies and illusions… and it’s been that way for a long time. Civilisation itself is founded on lies and illusions that are turned into customs and beliefs which become entrenched and embellished. The lies are used to control the little people, shape their thoughts and drive their actions – all plain to see in the world we live in.

          • Well written, thank you! Keep up your reading, there is slim to nothing regarding quality on the internet, they take legit topics and slide the issues where they want it, which is typically never never land. My preference is book written before 1900. The Protocols of Zion came out around then talking about them taking control of the media including books (good true authors cant find publishers). Eustace Mullins is good also along the lines of Carrol Quigley

          • Marxism did indeed spawn from Western civilization, that doesn’t mean Western civilization is the culprit. It means something came in and corrupted what it was intended to be. Say whatever you want about Judeo-Christian principles and values, but The Ten Commandments and the Eight Beatitudes (Blessings) of Jesus are not the bedrock of globalism; no, quite the opposite.

          • Man, I love the way you write/think. And I am total agreement. Have you ever met anyone who thinks along your lines? Outside of the internet , I have found none.

          • Not too many. Most people are brainwashed by the media and caught up in commercialism and the daily struggle up a greasy pole… as for the young’uns, they’ve mostly teleported their consciousness and soul to the control of the cyberspace (which grew out of ARPA/DARPA counterinsurgency programs in the mid 20th century).
            To get control back over your own mind you need to ditch the television and most movies.

          • And additionally, I am a Christian. That puts me at the tip of the spear. I’m feeling it.

  2. I wonder how many ‘Victoria’s Secrets’ models got their chance on the runway after ‘interviewing’ with Epstein and Les Wexner?

      • it would be nice if all the special forces groups would conspire to have a “night of the long knives” and in one day just take out all the evil elites and their minions. the rothschilds, rockerfellas, warbruaghs, everyone on the bildgerburg guest lists, all the bought and paid for politicians, just dead over night.

          • Which Queen are we talkin’ bout? The one that squats in London or that Tranny teachin’ career guidance to “them there” ten-year olds? KINDA NODDIN OFF HERE…

          • Which Queen? And who gets to be queen? And why should they be a queen? With the whole world with their panties in a bunch about human rights and boohoo this…who gives a shit about a queen of anything? Sorry, I’ll see myself to the door

          • The 93 year old who has given every minute of her life in service to her people and country without a single flaw… you low-life self-serving scum… What have you ever done for anyone.. nothing…

          • Yes.. she does.. HM’s life proves it.. 100’s of thousands of people have benefited from the charities that she and the Royals sponsor… The very schedule that she has maintained on a daily basis would break many people…

            True.. there are bad actors in the Firm but they are few.. Yes.. they should answer for misdeeds like anyone.. That said the monarchy is worth every penny..

            When you contribute to society as much as the Royals – Then you can criticize…

            ‘The monarchy is Britain’s national treasure, both symbolically and economically”…

            Maintaining the Royal Family is around £292 million per year, which equates to £4.50 per person – just over 1p each day…

            The overall uplift generated by the Royals is a staggering £550m, making the contribution to tourism, including merchandise sales, the largest of the benefits generated by the monarchy…

            Then there are the thousands of charities that benefit from the Royals…

            Now let’s hear the one about how the Royals do nothing all day…

            Keep in mind that the Royals, especially the Queen, can hardly breath without the press (Princess Diana ring a bell) hounding their every move…

            If proven guilty (innocent until) HRH The Duke of York is the only real bad guy in a lifetime… Not bad..

            How about your family..?

          • What about it..? I seriously doubt that someone who dearly wanted to associate with the royals.. who supported charities that were important to the Prince of Whales and other royals would have a sign painted on his forehead saying I am a sexual predator…

            While some around the Prince became concerned about Seville.. there is nothing to show that the Royal Family knew about him until after his death…

            This is just more conspiracy tripe used to attack the Royals…

            You know.. by the same idiots that actually believed in Pizzagate which has been extensively discredited by a wide range of organizations, including the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia…

            Of course the cops are in on it don’t you think… Now get lost…

        • Then the world economy would collapse and Soros would take control.. You must read a lot of conspiracy sites.. well.. watch youtube videos about that stuff… You have a picture of Alex Jones beside you bed don’t you…

  3. CA-CHINGGG! She wants to sell a book.
    So she hangs out with slimy “prince” Andrew (and no doubt endless other slimy toffs), hangs out with slimy Epstein and Maxwell, and now comes across as some kind of moral crusader!
    Pull the other one “lady” Hervey, it’s got bells on it.

  4. While maybe brave she doesn’t long for this Earth for very long. I see a terrible accident or suicide in her near future.

  5. Funny, they act like the Satanic royal families just marry normal commoners. In real life, she wouldn’t have been his wife in the first place unless she participated in human sacrifice and pedo

  6. The were not held in chains or cages? Good thing it was only a 200 mile swim with sharks in the water! Damn those girls, they could have left anytime the wished!

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