Will Prince Charles Be Probed For Accepting £1M Charity Donation From Bin Laden Family

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Prince Charles Bin Laden

Prince Charles has again been accused of a ‘serious lack of judgment’ after it emerged that his charity accepted £1 million from the family of Osama bin Laden.

The donation was reportedly recieved in 2013 after Charles had a private meeting at Clarence House with bin Laden’s half brothers -Bakr Bin Laden, who heads the wealthy Saudi family, and Shafiq.

Will the Charity Commission investigate?

There was no investiagtion following previous revealtions that Charles had accepted £2.5million in cash donations from a Qatari sheik even though the cash was stuffed ‘into a suitcase and carrier bags’ 

The Mail Online reports: Royal sources denied reports that Charles, 73, had ‘brokered’ the donation, or that he agreed to it in the face of opposition from his advisers.

Clarence House said the trustees of the Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund (PWCF) had agreed to accept the donation without the prince’s involvement, and that they carried out ‘thorough due diligence’.

But the latest revelation comes only weeks after it emerged the PWCF accepted more than £2.5million in cash donations, said to be stuffed in bags and suitcases, from a former Qatari prime minister.

And it raised further questions about the fundraising activities of the prince’s charity, and why it accepted money from the Bin Laden family.

Former Government minister Norman Baker said: ‘Prince Charles continues to show a serious lack of judgment about whom he will accept money from.

‘Is there in fact anyone he would refuse money from? Is this really appropriate behaviour from the heir to the throne?’

The Bin Laden family publicly disowned Osama bin Laden in 1994, before it emerged his Al Qaeda network had carried out the 9/11 attacks.

Both the PWCF and Clarence House said the £1million donation was made and accepted, but said it was accepted by the charity’s trustees, and not by the prince. 

Sources denied reports that Charles had accepted the donation, and had done so despite objections by advisers – including at least one trustee – who pleaded with him to return the money.


  1. The fact that this story was even published tells me that this is part of some sort of public psyop. Could not guess now what the goal of this one is. it will become apparent in the future.

    • Probably to eliminate the monarch as part of the plant to create a one world government. Once the Queen is gone it would be a hard sell to get the Britons and the rest to get behind what’s left. I could be wrong but that seems the most logical reason.

      • hey, sounds reasonable. makes good sense. the royals think they are part of it, but find out they they will be thrown out with the bottom feeders. this is what happend to Stalin’s most loyal followers, they were scooped up and disappeared in the middle of the night.
        “wait, there is some mistake, I am one of you” famous last words of a shill.

    • Good point. Also strange that Prince Charles seems to be on the dole of the Arabs? He is richer than Croesus so what’s going on with the $ in suitcase???

      • is it even true. this guy has access to billions or at least mulit millions. He doesn’t need money from them.
        last thing the prince needs is money, and he would not be the deliverer or receiver of a bribe.
        So the story is completely fake, or it is part of a greater deception. suitcase of cash? last thing the royals need. Now it was a pallet of Gold, then maybe there is something there, but they have as much cash as they could ever want or need.
        So the story here is the fake information being broadcast out. why?

        • I don’t know – these criminals seem to ALWAYS need money, they never miss a trick when it comes to bilking the public of their money and the end game seems to be that they strip us of everything we have monetarily – also if you understand the psychopathic mind, they never, ever have enough material goods/money/power. Their greed exceeds everything. So why wouldn’t they keep wanting more money is the question perhaps.

          • Well, when they get the access to money like the royals have, they become bored with it, and they start exploring dangerous things to give them excitement, like screwing kids, torturing them, eating them. this is the level the royals are on. they are way past money thrills.
            That is my opinion. a couple of million to a royal, is chump change.

  2. Benny&the jetSon`s were all over the place and worked for the CIA before going Awally.Benny worked for the mideast oil cartel

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