Propaganda: The West Officially Blame Russia For MH17 Crash

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MH17 crash blamed on Russia

A Dutch report has been released on the crash of Malaysian airlines flight MH17 which the media is using to blame Russia for shooting down the flight by firing a BUK ‘warhead’ missile at it. reports:

The report itself — despite headlines like NBC’s “Malaysia Airlines MH17 Was Shot Down by BUK ‘Warhead’: Investigators” or New York Daily News’ “MH17 plane was downed by Russian-made missile, instantly killing many of 298 on board: report” — does not even conclusively say it was a Russian Buk warhead that brought the plane down.

The missile, according to Dutch Safety Board chairman Tjibbe Joustra, would fit the Russian “Buk” rocket system, but that’s not the same as conclusively finding a missile was actually fired from a Buk system that day. Russian investigators on the board for this report have pointed out this fact.

The finding that will be downplayed is that no one has been able to confirm what type of missile or system was used to bring down MH17, or that it was actually “pro-Russian separatists” who blew the flight out of the sky as claimed by Ukraine and the West.

In other words, there is no conclusive evidence Russia is to blame here, but the media is using the occasion to lay further blame at Russia’s feet during this time of great tension.

Considering the report’s release is the top story on Google news this morning, and yet it lends no further information that wasn’t previously known to the actual case itself, it’s a pretty clear indication this report’s timely release and media exploitation is really just more propaganda to help fuel the fire in an attempt to make the Cold War go hot.

In addition, the report noted that there were clearly known obvious risks to leaving airspace open to commercial traffic over an area where armed conflict was happening on the ground, which begs the question: why didn’t Ukrainian authorities close the airspace above that part of the country in the first place?

Was MH17 even on a regular flight path that day anyway?

Don’t forget, some guy showed up on the scene of the crash and beganthrowing passports on the ground…

A separate criminal investigation is currently ongoing with another report due out at the end of the year.

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