Trump on the Deep State: ‘Still Some Very Bad SICKOS in Our Government’

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President Trump says there are still some very bad sick deep state operatives in the government

President Trump has spoken out about his ongoing battle against the Deep State, which he says still has operatives embedded within the US government.

“Trump has outmastered the Deep State. He’s light years ahead of us.” MSDNC. I disagree. We have a long way to go. There are still some very bad, sick people in our government – people who do not love our Country (In fact, they hate our Country!),” POTUS tweeted on Monday.

“The Obama/Biden Administration is the most corrupt Administration in the history of our Country!” Trump declared. reports: The Trump administration has been sabotaged from within throughout his presidency, with even the hiring process reportedly being commandeered by anti-Trump operatives working to prevent his policies from being fully enacted.

The White House is looking to finally get a handle on some of this now that the years of the Mueller investigation and follow-on Ukraine impeachment are over by appointing a Trump loyalist, John McEntee, to be head the Office of Presidential Personnel.

CNN reported last week a new policy for hiring: Loyalty to the President’s policies.

Candidates applying to join President Donald Trump’s administration will now have to explain what part of Trump’s campaign message “most appealed” to them and why.

The question is one of several Trump-focused litmus tests that has been added to a questionnaire that candidates for political appointments across the federal government must now complete.

The new questionnaire, distributed by the White House’s Presidential Personnel Office to federal departments on Monday and obtained by CNN, is the latest move by the office’s new head John McEntee to emphasize loyalty to the President in the hiring process.

Trump tapped McEntee, a longtime aide and loyalist, to head the personnel office last month amid his renewed focus on purging officials whom he deems to have been disloyal to him and hiring those who have long supported him.

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said of the new questionnaires: “Every President has the right to appoint people who are in line with their agenda and policies.”

And of course the outcome of the Durham investigation into the Deep State operation to spy on and persecute Trump and his campaign is being waited on with great anticipation of bad actors finally being held to account. However, that has yet to happen even under the Barr Justice Department with Inspector General reports that showed malfeasance by former high ranking officials and the continuance of abusive prosecutions of Gen. Flynn and Roger Stone. 

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