Thousands Protest Queen Elizabeth’s Unconstitutional Rule Over Scotland

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Thousands of citizens protest Queen Elizabeth's illegal rule over Scotland

Tens of thousands of protestors took to the streets of Glasgow over the weekend, calling for an end to Queen Elizabeth’s rule over Scotland. 

Over 80,000 protestors took part in the annual All Under One Banner event, which aims to achieve Scottish independence.

BBC News reports:All Under One Banner describes itself as a “pro-independence organisation whose core aim is to march at regular intervals until Scotland is free” and says it is open to “everyone who desires to live in an independent nation”.

Co-ordinator Neil Mackay said he was confident that a second referendum would happen soon.

“We are expecting up to 40,000 people today on the streets of Glasgow, and then we have a political rally at Glasgow Green,” he said.

“The purpose is to grow the movement, to galvanise us and bring more people on board, and to give as good a representation of the movement as we can.”

“As far as we’re all concerned there will be another independence referendum, and it’ll be before 2021 when Brexit finally happens. We’re ready, and we’ll be doing this every year all over Scotland.”

Mr Mackay said people had travelled from all over Scotland and further afield for the march.

He added: “People are also coming from England, we’ve got a strong English Scots for Yes contingent on the march today which is great.

“There’s a delegation from Germany, and from people all around the world who have had flights and hotels booked for months.”

The event also featured music and speeches, with marchers urged to “bring your flags, banners, pipes and drums”.

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