Mexican Gov’t Exposes WHO Propaganda: ‘Human Bird Flu Death’ Lies Are Promoting Gates’ H5N1 Vaccine

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Mainstream media enthusiastically reported on the World Health Organization’s claim that a man in Mexico was the first human victim of bird flu following his death earlier this week.

However, according to Mexican officials, the WHO’s claim is not just wrong – it’s dangerous. The obese man died in hospital of kidney failure – not bird flu.

During a press conference, Mexican Health Secretary Jorge Alcocer exposed the WHO’s propaganda claim that the 59-year-old man died from a new highly contagious strain of bird flu that can be avoided by taking Bill Gates’ soon-to-be-available vaccine.

Unfortunately for the global elite who are desperate to push the bird flu narrative, the Mexican man was suffering from numerous comorbidities and died after suffering “mainly kidney and respiratory failure”.

Alcocer urged the global public to stay calm and ignore the WHO’s propaganda.

“I can point out that the statement made by the World Health Organization is pretty bad since it speaks of a fatal case [of bird flu], which was not the case,” Alcocer said.

The Health Secratary added that, despite the claim by the WHO, “So far, there is no evidence of human-to-human transmission.”

Furthermore, Alcocer confirmed that there is no evidence that anyone in contact with the man has caught bird flu.

“There is no reason to avoid eating chicken and its products or to be worried about it,” Alcocer concluded.

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It can also be concluded that there is no need to get vaccinated with Bill Gates’ new bird flu vaccine, despite the media-generated panic about the new disease.

However, mainstream media continues to push the idea that human-to-human transmissible bird flu has arrived in a scaremongering campaign designed to terrorize the masses into compliance.

The People’s Voice has been warning for years that if the Covid plandemic ringleaders are not punished, they will pull the same stunt all over again.

Now it appears they are making their move.

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