Putin Introduces Forced Chemical Castration for ALL Pedophiles in Russia

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Putin introduces chemical castration for all pedophiles in Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced plans to chemically castrate all pedophiles in Russia and execute those found guilty of the most heinous forms of child abuse.

The new legislation is currently under review by the government, but is expected to be signed into law by Putin within a matter of weeks.

Current laws in Russia have failed to completely stomp out child rape, according to the Liberal Democratic Party.

One brutal attack last month on two girls aged ten and 12 was by a rogue soldier returning home after fighting in Ukraine.

Dailymail.co.uk reports: Named only as Sergei Sh, he was wearing his Wagner mercenary army uniform when he threatened the schoolgirls before raping them the day after he arrived in his home city from the war.

He told them he would blow them up with a grenade unless they submitted to him.

He approached them near their school in Novosibirsk and forced them behind garages where he sexually attacked them.

The girls told their parents about the alleged rapes and said the man was wearing military fatigues and an insignia that matches Wagner private military company – showing a skull.

The new draft laws would impose forcible chemical injections on convicted paedophiles in the months before they are released at the end of sentences.

The jabs aim to lower the male libido.

‘The need for the legislation is because the current measures to combat crime are not effective enough – [child sex attack] numbers are growing, and convicts often relapse after being released from prisons,’ said a report.

Russian MP Boris Chernyshov, 31, demanded the ‘forced administration of substances that reduce sexual attraction for a long time or permanently’.

Russia should ‘use the experience’ of other countries, he said.

Kazakhstan has operated a system of forced castration for paedophiles for several years, and authoritarian Belarus has put similar laws in place.

One of those castrated in Kazakhstan was Berik Zholdasov – who has been married four times – after he was convicted of raping his eight-year-old stepdaughter causing her so much physical damage that doctors had to remove her womb.

A nurse and grandmother tasked with chemically castrating paedophiles in one Kazakh jail claims the West should also follow the ex-Soviet state’s example.

Zoya Manaenko, 69, insists it is right that child sex attackers should face this ultimate punishment.

‘These people need to be stopped somehow,’ said the nurse, who works in a prison hospital.

‘They commit terrible crimes against children. So it is right that the law allows this.’

Paedophiles have been shown on TV telling of their anguish after undergoing forced castration.

One said on TV: ‘I know it’s harmful to my body.

‘I know it will affect my health in future.’

Another said: ‘Now I am sorry I committed such a crime.’

Kazakhstan is changing its system to chemically castrate convicts prior to their release.

Until now the injections have been conducted during their full sentences in jail.

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