Putin Says Russia Will Never Forgive Turkey For Su-24 Shooting

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Putin says that whatever the outcome of the Su-24 black box recordings, Russia will never forgive Turkey

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the flight recorder from the downed Russian Su-24 jet is currently being analysed in Russia with help from foreign experts.

As the investigations are ongoing the Russian leader has warned world leaders that whatever the findings turn out to be, Russia’s attitude towards Turkey will not change due to their “treacherous stab in the back“.

Pravdareport.com reports:

Russian President Putin ordered Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to open the flight recorder in foreign inspectors’ presence. Shoigu showed the parametric recorder to Putin in his residence in Novo-Ogaryovo.

“As far as I understand, the flight recorder will give us the opportunity to understand the trajectory of the Su-24 from the moment of its take-off to the moment of the crash. Therefore, we will be able to understand where the aircraft was and where the Turkish Air Force conducted its treacherous strike. In any case, we should invite everyone who wants to participate in this work.”

“Yet, whatever we might learn, will not change our attitude towards the act of the Turkish authorities. We considered Turkey not only a friendly country, but also as an ally in the fight against terror, and no one expected such a despicable, treacherous stab in the back,” Putin added.

According to Putin’s official spokesman Dmitry Peskov, it will be up for the Russian Defense Ministry to decide what experts will be allowed to analyze the data of the Su-24 flight recorder.

“Putin said that the opening of the flight recorder will be conducted in cooperation with foreign inspectors to establish the true trajectory and the coordinates of the flight of our bomber before it was attacked – all this work will be conducted in cooperation with foreign inspectors, but what kind of inspectors they will be and who will receive invitations – I am not ready to answer this question. It will be up to the Defense Ministry to decide,” Peskov told reporters.

Peskov also said that Putin did not give any directions about the participation of Turkish inspectors in the analysis of the data of the Su-24 flight recorder. “All the details will be specified by the Defense Ministry, he added.

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