Rachel Maddow Blasts Trump’s NK Peace Talks: “It’s A Russian Conspiracy”

Fact checked
Rachel Maddow blasts Trump for ending North Korea war, says its a Russian conspiracy

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow has blasted President Trump for working towards peace with North Korea, claiming the decision to stop nuclear war is a huge “Russian conspiracy.”

On her show Tuesday, Maddow told viewers that Trump’s decision to halt war games and improve relations with Pyongyang is part of a complicated Putin plot.

Information Liberation reports: Here’s the full clip. I’ll warn you in advance: it’s literally the most cringeworthy television I’ve ever watched (the russkie conspiracy theories are at the end).

She treats her viewers like they’re literally retarded — which I guess isn’t that unreasonable — but still, you’d think she wouldn’t want to limit her reach. She pauses after every point she makes and bugs her eyes out for dramatic effect as though she’s talking to a disabled child. It’s extremely off-putting, at least speaking as someone without any developmental disabilities.


To answer her idiotic conspiracy theory: the reason Trump ended war games is as a show of goodwill to try and make a deal in the interests of America and the people of South Korea who desperately want peace and an end to military tensions.

Shocking as this may seem, South Koreans do not want a nuclear bomb to be dropped on Seoul, which has a population of some 26,000,000.

I realize the war machine’s special interests come first for Rachel Maddow and her corporate masters, but Trump was elected without kowtowing to our ruling elites and ran on a platform of peace with Russia and ending stupid neocon/neolib wars, which is exactly what he’s doing now by working towards peace with North Korea.


  1. Another overpaid libtard. Her worst day this year: When the espresso machine jammed. She was late to work. Nothing in the medicine cabinet would suffice.

  2. If she disagrees with all the good that Trump is doing, then she is unAmerican & it’s best she leaves USA immediately to go to Russia

  3. I guess this is the training that she received at Oxford for being designated a ‘Rhodes Scholar’. Remember, Bubba Clinton received the same training until he was expelled for sexual improprieties.

  4. she would make a great primary school teacher Wouldnt she?So passive and compliant to bullies.Yes m master whatever yo says master

  5. The very same philosophy gladly gave nukes to the N Koreans in the 1990’s. It enslaved the peoples of N Korea and threatened South East Asia. Plain and Simple.
    All is coming FULL CIRCLE in their Hypocrisy.
    Double speak is the normal, while factual history is non existent.
    The BEST example of excellent reporting was THE LINCOLN DOUGLAS DEBATE. The result of the newspapers reporting the entire debate made it CRYSTAL CLEAR to the readers that ALL AMERICANS WILL BE FREE OR ALL AMERICANS WILL BE ENSLAVED.
    Who really won that WAR?
    And is this same WAR going on TODAY?

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