‘Real Indian’ Violently Attacked By Elizabeth Warren Supporters Outside Her Event

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Dr. Ayyadurai, a real Indian running against Sen. Elizabeth Warren has called her out for not condemning her supporters for assaulting him.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, an Indian-born American running as an independent against Sen. Elizabeth Warren has called her out for not condemning her supporters for violently assaulting him outside her event in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, on Sunday.

Dr. Ayyadurai has also joined President Trump in challenging Elizabeth Warren to take a DNA test to prove her Native American heritage. Warren has steadfastly refused to take a DNA test — she says her ‘high cheek bones’ are all the proof she needs.

Ayyadurai also has some strong words for CNN host Chris Cuomo, calling him a “racist” for attempting to downplay the incident in a tweet.

He responded to Cuomo saying he would like to be invited on his show to talk about liberal hypocrisy and race relations in America.


Dr. Ayyadurai is far from the only one who thinks Elizabeth Warren should put up or shut up about being Cherokee.

A group of furious Cherokee Indians are demanding that the Massachusetts Senator stop claiming to be Cherokee – unless she can “prove it”. And according to these Native Americans, high cheek bones don’t cut it.

In a video uploaded by Dr. Ayyadurai, one of the Cherokee Indians said, “Can she come home and stand here and say whom are her relatives are, and they will come down and greet her take her up to her people?

She should be ashamed of herself.”

Another speaker brings up a number of good points:

Elizabeth Warren, being someone that has a professorship should have some type of ethics. How can you trust a person like that? If they’re willing to lie about themselves and where they’re from and who they are, you know? My name is Dale French, I was born and raised here on the Cherokee Indian reservation, and I just don’t approve of that…

John Grant, another Cherokee Indian commented:

That’s not right at all, she’s lying to the American public by running for public office and claiming a race that she’s not. If she’s claiming that she’s Native American, prove it.”

Johanna Martin, one of the last Cherokee Indians featured in the video remarked:

In a way it feels like they’re making fun of our heritage because they don’t have any realization of what we went through as a people.”

You can watch the full video below:


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